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William Winder [wi.3]

William Winder was the third child of Edmond Winder & Elizabeth Dawson christened April 23rd, 1756 at St Michaels, Bray, Berks.

William married Mary Cane on November 12th, 1785 at Medmenham, Bucks.  Witnesses at the wedding were Sarah Cane & Thomas Burridge.

In his will of 1791 William appointed his brother Edmund Winder & brother-in-law John Boult executors to administer much of his estate, the proceeds of which were to benefit his wife Mary, & the children of Edmund, John Boult & the Henderson children (offspring of his sister Ann & Robert Henderson).  All received generous endowments & Robert, son of Robert Henderson was also to receive William’s chest of carpenter’s tools.  Edmund Winder of Huntercombe proved the will in 1820.



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