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The Winder family begins with [wi] Edmond Winder - click on him to see tree of descendants


[wi] Edmond Winder 1718-1772 m. Elizabeth Dawson 1723-c1781

[wi.1] John Winder 1751-

[wi.2] Ann Winder 1753- m. Robert Henderson ?-1880

[wi.3] William Winder 1756-1820 m. Mary Cane


[wi.4] Edmund Winder 1757-1828 m. Elizabeth Style 1759-1840

[wi.4.1] Elizabeth Winder 1786-

[wi.4.2] Edmund Winder 1787-1830 m. Elizabeth Rowls -1840

[wi.4.3] Martha Winder 1788-1852 m. Thomas Allen c1775-1852

[wi.4.4] Charlotte Winder 1790-1862


[wi.4.5] Robert Winder 1791-1849 m. (1) Sarah Waghorn -<1824

(2) Letitia Boswell 1802-1876

[wi.4.5.1] Anne Winder c1820-1859 m. Edmund John Livermore c1820-1865

[wi.4.5.2] Letitia Winder 1825-1899 m. (1) Henry John Beard -1857

(2) Edmund John Livermore c1820-1865

[wi.4.5.3] Robert William Winder 1827-1873 m. Maria Augusta We(i)therilt c1829-1873

[wi.] Charles Ormond Winder 1848-1895 m. Fanny Elizabeth Richardson c1851-1889

[wi.] Charles William Winder 1875-

[wi.] Alice Maria Winder 1881-1918 m. Ernest Ough 1882-

[wi.4.5.4] Mary Ann Winder 1829-1868 m. John Jones c1826-


[wi.4.5.5] John Winder 1832-1887 m. Eliza Mary Ager (nee Hern) c1831-1879

[wi.] William John Winder 1855-1894 m. Fanny Garrett Drage c1858-1925

[wi.] Ethel May Drage Winder 1882-1941

[wi.] John William Drage Winder 1884-1938 m. Sarah Eliza Jane Matthews

[wi.] Frances Mabel Drage Winder 1888-1966

[wi.] Gordon Clarke Drage Winder 1892-1916


[wi.] Robert Henry Winder 1856-1888

[wi.] Eliza Sarah Winder 1858-1889 m. Samuel Edwards Nelson 1860-

[wi.4.5.6] Thomas Winder 1838-1840

[wi.4.5.7] Caroline Winder 1844-1925 m. George Edmund Buchanan 1838-1880


[wi.4.6] Mary Anne Winder 1792-1827


[wi.4.7] William Winder 1793-1841 m. Mary Austin c1802-

[wi.4.7.1] William Winder 1825-1910 m. Jane Buckland 1826-1913

[wi.] William Winder 1853-1858

[wi.] Edmond Winder 1858-1860

[wi.] Henry Burns Winder 1860-1899 m. Sarah Jane Phillips 1862-1943

[wi.] Henry Winder 1890-1890

[wi.] Charlotte Jane Winder 1893-1921

[wi.] Jane Winder 1862-1865

[wi.] Anna Gertrude Winder 1868-1868



[wi.4.7.2] Elizabeth Winder 1827-1900 m. William Webster [we.12] 1817-1904

[wi.4.7.3] Harriett Anna Winder 1830-1871

[wi.4.7.4] Mary Ann Winder 1832-

[wi.4.7.5] Charlotte Winder 1837-

[wi.4.7.6.] Edmund Winder 1839-1941


[wi.4.8] Anna Bathsheba Winder 1795-1870

[wi.4.9] Maria Winder 1798-1876 m. William Stevens c1788-1854


[wi.5] Richard Winder 1759-1759

[wi. 6] Richard Winder 1760-1761

[wi.7] Elizabeth Winder 1762- m. John Boult

[wi.8] James Winder 1765-1765


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