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Anne Winder [wi.4.5.1]

Anne Winder was the daughter of Robert Winder & Sarah Waghorn born at  Church St, Edmonton & christened April 4th, 1822 at All Saints, Edmonton, Middlesex.

Anne married Edmund John Livermore on October 25th, 1853 at the church of the united parishes of St Andrew by the Wardrobe & St Ann Blackfriars, London. Both were of full age & Edmund’s address was given as Lower Edmonton & he was a gardener. Anne was living at 32 Water Lane, Edmonton at the time of the wedding. Witnesses at the wedding were George Rich & Elizabeth Pheasant. Edmund was born at Church St, Edmonton & christened March 29th, 1820 at All Saints, Edmonton, the son of Mary Ann & James Livermore, a gardener.

Anne & Edmund's marriage

Anne gave birth to 3 children before her death on May 27th,  1859, aged 39 at 25 Elliott’s Row, Southwark, Surrey.  She died soon after the death of her third child. The informant of the death was her husband Edmund & the cause of death was given as renal disease. At the time of her death Edmund was a stationer’s warehouseman.

Anne's death certificate

The children of Anne Winder & Edmund John Livermore were:

wi. Mary Anne Livermore born at 25 Elliott’s Row, St George Southwark & christened May 20th, 1855 at St Jude’s, Southwark, Surrey
wi. Edmund John Livermore born May 28th 1857 at St George Southwark & christened  June 28th, 1857 at St Mary, Newington, Surrey

wi.  Emily Kate Livermore born April-June 1859 at St George Southwark; died July-September 1859 at St George Southwark

Edmund remarried on September 24th, 1860 at St Paul’s, Southwark, Surrey. His second wife was Letitia Beard, a widow. Letitia was in fact Anne’s half sister who had previously been married to Henry John Beard, who had died in 1857. Edmund’s profession on the marriage certificate was given as warehouseman.

Edmund & Letitia could not be found in the 1861 census. However Anne & Edmund’s children (Mary) Anne & Edmund were with Anne’s sister Mary Ann Winder, now married to John Jones, a cab proprietor, & their family. They were living at 3 Amherst Terr, St Johns Hackney.

Letitia & Edmund had a son, William, born in 1864 at Kingsland, London.

Edmund died in April-June 1865, the death being registered at Hackney. See 4.5.2 Letitia Winder for continuation of her story!


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