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Arthur George Barnett [b.2.9.4]

Arthur George Barnett was the fourth child of Joseph Barnett and Hannah Olivia Watts (nee Allingham) and a twin of George Arthur Barnett. He was born at Remenham Hill, Berkshire, on June 20th, 1839 at half past 12, and baptised on the day of his birth. Sadly twin George Arthur only survived for 6 months. Arthur was privately baptised & publicly admitted into Christ's flock on June 20th, 1846 at St Nicholas, Remenham.

Arthur was living at home at the time of the 1841 census at Common Barn Farm, Remenham.

In 1851 Arthur was living with his parents in Remenham and his occupation was scholar. In 1861 he was a farmer's son, still at home - Common Barn Farm, Horseshoe Common, Remenham.

Left: Daguerreotype of young Arthur George. Right: Hampstead Farm, Eye & Dunsden,2005

In 1871, he was still single, aged 31, at Aston Farm, Aston (part of Remenham). He was a farmer of 180 acres employing 6 labourers and 3 boys.

Arthur married Kate Webster on November 18th, 1873, at the parish church Burnham, Bucks. They were married after the calling of banns. Arthur was a bachelor of full age, a yeoman, of Remenham. His father, Joseph Barnett, was a yeoman. Kate was a spinster and a minor of Dorney Wood. She was born on October 13th, 1855 at Dorney, Bucks, the third of nine daughters born to William Webster and Elizabeth Winder. Her father, William Webster, was also a yeoman.

Witnesses on the above copy of the parish records of their wedding are William Webster, Harriet Webster, John Webster & .... Webster.

At the time of proving his mother's will on June 3rd 1875 Arthur was living at Hampstead Farm in the Liberty of Eye & Dunsden, Oxon. He was a farmer.

According to Brian Law who wrote a book on the history of Eye & Dunsden:

Hampstead Farm had been part of the Palmer estate from 1785 when it was leased to the Bullock family until 1861. The tenancy passed to the King family prior to the Barnetts becoming leaseholders. In the 1920s the freehold of the land passed to the Ewen family of Sonning & then c1951 to trustees of Lord Phillimore's settlement. In the 20th century a Mr Maidment was the tenant & in the 1930s there were still up to 5 horses & a single tractor & a work force of 8 men.

At the time of the 1881 census, Arthur, Kate & family – Hannah (5), Arthur R (2) & George (8 months) were living at Hampstead Farm, Eye & Dunsden, Oxon. He was 39 years old, a farmer of 400 acres employing 10 men and 5 boys. Visiting was sister-in-law Ellinor (incorrectly listed as Helena) Webster (12) & nephew Arthur Sampson (14) who was helping on the farm. Arthur was the son of Arthur George’s sister Olivia Barnett & husband Henry Atkins Sampson.

Arthur & Kate were still at Hampstead Farm when the 1891 census was taken. Children at home were Rose (8), Kathleen (7), Ellinor Mary (4) & Harry Webster (3). The first 3 children were boarding at school.

A notice in the Reading Mercury of September 17th, 1892 shows Arthur had decided to sell Hampstead Farm & gave notice that a number of cart horses, colts & shorthorn heifers were for sale, as were poultry, barley, corn, wheat & oats.

By 1901 Arthur and Kate had moved to ‘Remenham’, Priest Hill, Caversham, Oxon, and his occupation was given as corn & coal merchant. At home were Hannah (25), Arthur (22) a corn & coal merchant’s assistant, George (20) an office clerk, Kathleen (16), Eleanor (14 – spelling?), Harry (13) & Marjorie (8). Only Rose was not at home.

By 1902 Arthur decided to retire from the corn & coal business which had been run of late by his future son-in-law, Thomas George Church (who married daughter Hannah in 1903).  The business was sold to Dunlop & sons in November 1902.  (Berkshire Chronicle, November 8th, 1902)

By 1911 Arthur & Kate were living at 33A Prospect St, Caversham. With them were sons George, a clerk at a biscuit factory, & Harry Webster, a Lance Corporal in the 3rd Coldstream Guards of which he had been a member for 8 and a half years. It was noted on the census that Kate & Arthur had had 11 children, only 8 of whom were still living.

Arthur died on 18th December 1913 at Yewstocks, Hardenhuish,Wiltshire & was buried on December 20th, 1913 at Hardenhuish. He was 75 years old and his occupation was given as retired farmer. The cause of death was a cerebral haemorrhage which was certified by J Hobart Nixon M.D. The informant on the death certificate was his son-in-law Thomas G Church, present at death, of Yewstocks, Hardenhuish, Chippenham.

The 1939 register shows widowed Kate living on her own at Woodside, Binfield Heath, Henley, Oxon.

Kate died on March 11th, 1941 in Henley-on-Thames Hospital, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, aged 85. She was buried on March 15th at Henley Rd Crematorium, Caversham, Berks. 

Kate's Will was a form one.
This is the last Will and Testament of me Kate Barnett of Woodside Binfield Heath Henley-on-Thames in the County of Oxfordshire made this 7th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty six.
I heareby revoke all Wills made by me at any time heretofore. I appoint George Barnett and Albert Osman to be my Executors, and direct that all my Debts and Funeral Expenses shall be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.
I give and bequeath unto my Executors the sum of ten pounds each free of legacy duty.
I bequeath to my daughter Hannah Church my gold wrist watch. To my son Arthur Reeve Barnett my dining room clock. To my son George Barnett my old ? china now in drawing room. To my daughter Rose Fry my gold necklaces. To my son-in-law Bert Fry my barometer. To my daughter-in-law Dolly Barnett my green and white tea & coffee services. To my daughter Kathleen Osman my gold ring with hair in it. To my daughter Marjorie Heffer my green & gold platter. To my son-in-law Albert Osman my old oak bureau. I direct that the residue of my effects not mentioned above and all other assets of which I may die possessed shall be sold, and the proceeds divided equally between my eight children but in the event of any of them predeceasing me, his or her share to go to his or her children, but if any child of mine predeceases me leaving no issue I then direct that his or her share shall be brought into my estate.
I bequeath to my daughter Marjorie Winifred Heffer my escritoire.
Kate Barnett
Signed by the said Testator in the presence of us, present at the same time, who at her request, in her presence, and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses.
Arthur Bulpitt - Post Office Binfield Heath, Oxon
Annie May Bulpitt - Post Office Binfield Heath, Oxon

The value of her estate was £691/8/10.

At the time of proving the Will, son George was living in Talfourd Avenue, Reading, Berks and his occupation was given as retired Departmental manager. Albert Osman, her son-in-law, was living in Surrey at Nigleside, Cedar Road, Cobham and he was a Surrey master builder.

The children of Arthur George Barnett and Kate Webster were:

b. Hannah Barnett born Jan-March 1876 at Dunsden & christened April 17th at Sonning, Berks; died October 16th, 1945 at Albany, Western Australia

b. Arthur Reeve Barnett born April 8th,1878 at Dunsden; died April-June 1949 at Wokingham, Berks

b. George Barnett born July 16th, 1880 at Dunsden; died April 22nd, 1961 at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford

b. Rose Marion Barnett born May 20th, 1882 at Dunsden, died December 23rd, 1958 at the Lawn Hospital, Lincoln

b. Kathleen Barnett born April 2nd, 1884 at Dunsden; died March 10th, 1950 at Royal Country Hospital, Guildford, Surrey

b. Dorothy Barnett born April-June 1885 at Dunsden; died April-June 1885 at Dunsden

b. Ellinor Mary Barnett born Oct-December 1886 at Dunsden; died 1961 in Wellington, NZ

b. Harry Webster Barnett born Oct-December 1887 at Dunsden; died 1939 in New Zealand

b. James Owen Barnett born July-September 1890 at Dunsden; died Oct-December 1890 at Dunsden

b. Marjorie Winifred Barnett born 15th April 1892 at Dunsden & christened June 19th, 1892 at Shiplake, Oxon; died September 1974


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