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Jacob Crosby [c.4.1]

Jacob Crosby was the first child of Mary Crosby christened October 10th, 1801 at Bishop Middleham.

Jacob of Garmonsway Moor married Alice Stephenson, who according to the Lamesley baptism register was christened October 8th 1797 at Lamesley, daughter of Lancelot & Mary Stevenson of Greenwell House. They were married on November 18th 1823 at Kelloe, Co Durham.

In 1825 Jacob & Alice had a son, Robert, who was christened October 16th, 1825 at Bishop Middleham. Sadly Robert lived only until the age of 2. His burial was at Houghton-le-Sping & the family were of Houghton at that time.

In 1841 Jacob & Alice were living at Colledge Hill House in Cornforth. Jacob was a farm labourer presumably as he was living in the outlying farms & dwellings. With them was Alice’s niece Jane Newton (5).

By 1851 Jacob had become a farmer of 80 acres at Stand Alone, Quarrington, Co. Durham. Niece Jane (given as 18 years old in the census) was a servant and also living with them was nephew William Newton (15).

By 1861 Jacob & Alice had moved to Bishop Middleham where Jacob was still farming. Their niece Jane Newton was still living with them as a servant.

In 1871 Jacob (aged 70) & Alice (75) had moved to Front Street, Cassop Colliery where Jacob was a farmer of 90 acres. Jane was no longer living with them as she had married William Carr in 1869, but noted in the census were a 16 year old servant, Elizabeth Docherty & a 60 year old servant, Matthew Best.

Alice died aged 83 in Cassop & was buried on December 30th, 1877 at Bishop Middleham, Durham.

Widowed Jacob was living at Holdforth Farm, Fishburn in 1881. He was a partner in a 115 acre farm with William Carr, the husband of niece Jane Newton. William & Jane had 3 children, Alice (10), Crosby (9) and Jane (7).

Jacob died on January 27th, 1882, aged 81, at Holdforth in the Parish of Sedgefield.  He was buried on January 30th at Bishop Middleham. His will was proved on February 25th, 1882 at Durham by niece Jane Carr of Holdforth & his estate amounted to £93.17s.6d.

The children of Jacob Crosby & Alice Stephenson were:

c.4.1.1 Robert Crosby christened October 16th, 1825 at Bishop Middleham; died February 27th, 1827 at Houghton-le-Spring, Co Durham


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