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The Crosby family begins with [c] Thomas Crosby - click on him to see tree of descendants


[c] Thomas Crosby 1747-1809 m. Isabel Holborne 1745-1809

[c.1] Jacob Crosby 1772-1788

[c.2 Thomas Crosby 1774-1776

[c.3] Isabella Crosby 1777-1855 m. George White c1776-1820


[c.4] Mary Crosby 1779-1849

[c.4.1] Jacob Crosby 1801-1882 m. Alice Stevenson 1796-1877

[c.4.1.1] Robert Crosby 1825-1827


[c.4.2] Elizabeth Crosby 1804-1887 m. Thomas Earnshaw [e.1] 1801-1860


[c.4.3] Robert Crosby 1808-1907 m. Mary Ditchburn c1802-1875

[c.4.3.1] Robert Crosby 1832-1832


[c.4.3.2] Robert Crosby 1834-1900 m. Mary Ann Brown 1840-1899

[c.] Benjamin Brown Crosby 1866-1908 m. Agnes Stoves 1877-1932

[c.] Edith Crosby Stoves 1897-1965 m. Joseph Ayre

[c.] George Beard Crosby 1898-1916

[c.] Ann Crosby 1900-1903

[c.] Benjamin Brown Crosby 1903-1912

[c.] John Crosby c1904-

[c.] William Crosby 1907-1977 m. Isabella Greenwood


[c.] Mary Jane Crosby 1869-1871

[c.] Mary Jane Crosby 1871-1939 m. Thomas James Peel 1865-1909

[c.] Dorothy Ann Brown Crosby 1875-1961 m. (1) William Henry Oliver 1873-1923 (2) Joseph Chadwick 1853-1928

[c.] Thomas Smith Crosby 1877-1880

[c.] Edith Crosby 1880-1888

[c.] Thomas Edwin Crosby 1882-1882


[c.4.3.3] Elizabeth Crosby 1835-1835

[c.4.3.4]William Crosby 1835-1835

[c.4.3.5] Dinah Margaret Jane Crosby 1836-1912 m. Robert Jackson c1831-

[c.4.3.6] Elizabeth Crosby 1838-1838


[c.4.4] Isabella Crosby 1815-1891 m. Thomas Ducker Taylor 1814-1890

[c.4.5] Mary Anne Crosby 1818-1871 m. (1) George Matthews c1816-1849

(2) Robert Walton c1814-1881

[c.4.6] Thomas Crosby 1823-1849 m. Maria (Mary Ann) Elsbury 1823-1879

[c.4.6.1] Alice Crosby 1843-1915 m. Samuel Slocum 1830-1897

[c.4.6.2] Mary Ann Crosby c1845-

[c.4.6.3] Thomas Crosby 1847-1847


[c.4.6.4] Thomas Crosby 1849-1905 m. Mary Ann York 1852-1931

[c.] Joseph Crosby 1875-1921

[c.] Elizabeth (Lizzie) Crosby 1882-1929 m. Frederick Kline

[c.] Robert Thomas Crosby 1884-1907

[c.] Viola Crosby 1886-1935

[c.] George Edward Crosby 1891-1945 m. Alma Gould

[c.] Susan Crosby 1893-

[c.] Sarah Ann Crosby 1894-1973 m. Oscar Oliver Welsh


[c.5] Thomas Crosby 1783-

[c.6] Elizabeth Crosby 1790-



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