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Mary Crosby [c.4]

Mary Crosby was the fourth child of Thomas Crosby and Isabel Holborne. She was born June 27th 1779 at Bishop Middleham.

It appears that Mary never married but had 6 known children. Her first child was Jacob Crosby who was christened October 10th, 1801. The second child was Elizabeth Crosby christened April 8th, 1803 at Bishop Middleham. Robert Crosby was born August 1808 and recorded on the parish records as: the third illegitimate child of Mary. Another daughter was born in 1815 – Isabella Crosby, the entry in the parish records stating her mother, Mary Crosby, to be a spinster.

In 1841 Mary (60) was still living at Bishop Middleham and described as a pauper. With her was daughter Mary Anne Crosby, born 1818 and son Thomas Crosby, born 1823, a shoe maker.

It appears that Mary eventually entered the Sedgefield Workhouse (workhouses also doubled as hospitals at that time) & died there aged 70 after having suffered paralysis for 1 month as was stated on her death certificate. She was buried at Bishop Middleham on November 27th 1849.

Mary's death certificate

The children of Mary Crosby were:

c.4.1 Jacob Crosby christened October 10th, 1801 at Bishop Middleham; died January 7th, 1882 at Holdforth, Co Durham
c.4.2 Elizabeth Crosby christened April 8th, 1804 at Bishop Middleham; died August 10th, 1887 at Seaham
c.4.3 Robert Crosby born August 16th, christened November 27th, 1808 at Bishop Middleham; died Jan-March 1897 at Durham
c.4.4 Isabella Crosby christened October 4th, 1815 at Bishop Middleham; died at 83 Tyne Street, Bishop Wearmouth Oct-December 1891
c.4.5 Mary Anne Crosby christened February 1st, 1818 at Bishop Middleham; buried December 19th, 1871 at St Andrew, Auckland, Co Durham
c.4.6 Thomas Crosby christened October 12th, 1823 at Bishop Middleham; died Jan-March 1849 in Thornley, Co Durham


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