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Thomas Crosby [c]

Tree showing lineage from Thomas Crosby to granddaughter Elizabeth Crosby

Thomas Crosby was born c1747 in Co Durham.

He married Isabel Holborne at Easington parish church, Co Durham. The entry in the parish records reads:
Thomas Crosby of the parish of Bishop Middleham married Isabel Holborne of this parish by Banns on May 14th, 1771

Isabel was the seventh of 10 children born to Jacob Holborne & Isabel Taylor, both of Hawthorne, Easington. Isabel was born c1745 at Easington. Jacob Houburn had married Isabell Taylor at Easington on November 16th, 1732.

Thomas & Isabel had 6 children, all born at Bishop Middleham from 1772 to 1790.

Thomas died May 26th, 1809, aged 62, soon to be followed by Isabel on July 2nd, 1809, aged 64. Both are buried at St Michaels church, Bishop Middleham.

The children of Thomas Crosby & Isabel Holborn were:

c.1. Jacob Crosby born September 17th, christened September 17th, 1772 at Bishop Middleham, buried October 2nd, 1788 at Bishop Middleham
c.2. Thomas Crosby christened November 13th, 1774 at Bishop Middleham, buried March 21st, 1776 at Bishop Middleham
c.3. Isabella Crosby christened May 18th, 1777 at Bishop Middleham, buried September 29th, 1855
c.4. Mary Crosby christened June 27th, 1779 at Bishop Middleham, buried Bishop Middleham November 27th, 1849
c.5. Thomas Crosby christened January 12th, 1783 at Bishop Middleham, died August 12th, 1804
c.6. Elizabeth Crosby christened February 7th, 1790 at Bishop Middleham, died August 12th, 1804


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