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Leonard Freeth [fh.]

Leonard Freeth was the son of Hannah Freeth born March 8th, 1849 at Smethwick & christened November 11th, 1849 at Christ Church, West Bromwich, Staffs.

In 1851 Leonard was living with his grandparents William & Sarah Freeth at Robuck Lane, Harborne, Smethwick. His mother Hannah (22) was still living at home but was unmarried.

In 1861 Leonard was still living with his grandparents at Roe Buck Lane (#6), Smethwick. His mother had married Henry Blackman in 1857 & was living nearby at 10 Roe Buck Lane. Leonard was described as a carter boy. At home were his uncles Samuel, Edwin & John, all working as glass flatteners, & aunts Emma & Jane.

By 1871 Leonard was living with his uncle John, aunt Sarah & aunt Jane at Roe Buck Lane. Also with them at the time of the census was Leonard’s half sister Mary Blackman. Leonard was working as a caster.

Leonard married Ann Whitehouse in Oct-December 1872 at St James, West Bromwich. Ann was born c1853 at West Bromwich, the daughter of Sarah Ann Parkes & William Whitehouse, a polisher & grinder.

In 1881 Leonard & Ann were living at 3a Parliament St, West Bromwich & Leonard was described as a moulder. They had 4 children at home – Clara A (7), Laura (5), Sarah H (2) & Amy (1 month). Also with them was Mary Whitehouse, aged 72, described as Leonard’s mother-in-law. This was in fact Ann’s step mother, Mary Holden, who had married Ann’s father in 1856. Leonard & Ann also had a daughter Mary J (3) who was visiting her grandmother Hannah Blackman (nee Freeth) at 40 Bilhay St, West Bromwich. Mary J was incorrectly described as a niece!

The family were still at 3a Parliament St in 1891 & Leonard was a hollowware moulder. There were 8 children at home – Clara Ann, Laura, Mary J, Sarah H, Amy, Ada (5), Leonard (3) & William Henry (11 months).

Ann died in Jan-March 1897, aged 44, at West Bromwich.

The children of Leonard Freeth & Ann Whitehouse were:

fh. Clara Ann Freeth born Oct-December 1873 at West Bromwich
fh. Laura Freeth born July-September 1875 at West Bromwich
fh. Mary Jane Freeth born July-September 1877 at West Bromwich
fh. Sarah Hannah Freeth born April-June 1879 at West Bromwich
fh. Amy Freeth born April-June 1881 at West Bromwich
fh.  Alice Freeth born April-June 1883 at West Bromwich; died April-June 1884 at West Bromwich
fh.  Ada Freeth born July-September 1885 at West Bromwich
fh.  Leonard Freeth born April-June 1888 at West Bromwich; died July 15th, 1942 in Winnipeg, Canada
fh.  William Henry Freeth born April-June 1890 at West Bromwich, died April-June 1891 at West Bromwich
fh. Agnes Freeth born April-June 1895 at West Bromwich; died July-September 1895 at West Bromwich

Leonard remarried in July-September 1898 at West Bromwich Register Office. His new wife was Emma Worley born December 19th, 1856 at Tividale, Worcs, the daughter of Ann Worley. Ann Worley had married John Whitehouse in 1859 who was in fact the brother of Leonard’s first wife Ann Whitehouse – so Leonard had married his niece!.

Leonard’s daughter Clara Ann married John William Harris, a hollowware tinner, in 1896 & daughter Laura married John Tanner, a spring balance maker, in 1899. Both were married at West Bromwich Register Office.

In 1901 Leonard & Emma were living at 28 Green St, West Bromwich & Leonard was now a hollow ware overlooker. At home were Leonard’s children Mary J, Sarah H, Amy, Ada & Leonard. Leonard & Emma had a 7 month old daughter Annie.

In 1903 Mary Jane married John Stringer & in 1905 Sarah Hannah married Christopher John Tuckwell, both marriages taking place at West Bromwich Lyng Methodist Church. Daughter Amy married Enoch Smith in 1907 at West Bromwich Lyng Methodist Church & in 1911 Ada married Thomas H Barratt at West Bromwich Holy Trinity.

Leonard & Emma were living at 187 Spon Lane, west Bromwich in 1911 & Leonard was a part time hollowware tester & part time baker at home, along with his wife who was also listed as a baker.  Living with them was Leonard’s daughter Ada from his first marriage, who was a warehouse clerk at the iron foundry, & their little daughter Annie.

Son Leonard was a patient at the Queens Hospital, Bath Row, Birmingham at the time of the 1911 census & his occupation was a hollowware turner at the iron foundry. In May of the next year Leonard emigrated to Canada, his eventual destination being Winnipeg, Manitoba where he was to be a turner. Leonard married Mary Ann Johnstone Gault who was born in Ballyclare, Co Armagh, Ireland on May 20th, 1893, the daughter of Jane Irwin & John Gault.

Leonard died in Oct-December 1915, aged 66, at West Bromwich.

Widowed Emma was living with her daughter Annie & her husband James F Adams, a grocer shopkeeper, in 1939.  They were living at 87 Temple St, West Bromwich & Emma was a pensioner.

There is a death for Emma Freeth aged 88 in Oct-December 1945 registered at West Bromwich.

The children of Leonard Freeth & Emma Worley were:

fh. Annie Freeth born April-June 1900 at West Bromwich


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