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Margaret Freeth [fh.]

Margaret Freeth was the sixth child of Samuel Freeth & Jane Rebecca Lambert born February 28th, 1867 at Smethwick, Staffs.

In 1871 the family were still at Smethwick but now living at Causer St. Margaret now had 5 sisters.

By 1881 the family had moved to 4 Birmingham Rd, Oldbury where Margaret’s father was a glass maker. Margaret had 5 sisters & a brother at home.

Margaret married Joseph Knight in Jan-March 1888 at Christ Church, Oldbury. Joseph was born February 16th, 1866 & christened March 14th, 1866 at Oldbury, Worcs, the son of Eliza & William Knight, a coach builder.

In 1891 Margaret & Joseph were living at 7 Oldbury Rd, Smethwick & Joseph was a coach builder like his father. They had 2 boys – William (2) & Joseph (1). Living a few doors from them was Margaret’s father’s cousin Job Freeth, a 58 year old glass packer.

By 1901 Margaret & Joseph had moved to 8 Birmingham Rd, Oldbury, which used to be the home of her parents (until at least 1891). Following the death of Margaret’s father in 1897 her mother had become a pork butcher & moved to the High St, Smethwick. Joseph’s occupation had now changed to being a pork butcher too! Margaret & Joseph now had 3 children at home – William, Joseph Ernest & Evelyn (6). They also had a domestic servant.

The 1939 register shows Margaret & Joseph living at 29 Century Rd, Oldbury & Joseph was now a retired pork salesman. 

Joseph died at Hallam Hospital, West Bromwich on March 12th, 1944    Probate was granted to widow Margaret & Joseph Dodd (Margaret's brother-in-law), retired butcher & his effects were £1,632.6s.2d.

Margaret died on 29th July, 1950. Margaret & Joseph were both buried alongside sons William & Joseph in Oldbury Cemetery.

The children of Margaret Freeth & Joseph Knight were:

fh. William Knight christened October 28th, 1888 at Oldbury, Worcs; died February 19th, 1921
fh. Joseph Ernest Knight christened March 20th, 1890 at Smethwick, Staffs; died October 14th, 1918
fh. Evelyn Knight born April-June 1896 at Smethwick, Staffs

fh.  Albert Knight christened April 2nd, 1898 at Oldbury, Worcs.


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