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Samuel Freeth [fh.]

Samuel Freeth was the first child of James Freeth & Maria Vezey christened April 29th, 1832 at Old Church, Smethwick, Staffs.

Register of Samuel's christening

Samuel was the oldest of 5 children living with their parents at Ling Road, Lingfield, West Bromwich in 1841 where his father was a boiler maker.

At the time of the 1851 census Samuel was living at home with his parents, brothers & sisters at Moore St, West Bromwich & he was a glass maker.

On June 4th 1854 Samuel married Jane Rebecca Lambert at the parish church of Handsworth, Staffs.  Samuel was a glassmaker at the time of the wedding & his address was given as Handsworth. Witnesses at the wedding were Isaiah  Lambert & Elizabeth Freeth, Samuel’s sister.  Jane was christened September 18th, 1836 at All Saints, West Bromwich, the daughter of Margaret & William Lambert, a hollowware maker.  On the marriage certificate Jane gives her age as 20, although she was only 18!

By 1861 Samuel &Jane were living at Feeder St, Smethwick & Samuel was a glass blower. They had 3 children – Sarah (6), Elizabeth (2) & Margaret (8 months). Sadly daughter Margaret died in February 1863. They had also had a daughter Jane who was born at Spon Lane & christened December 13th, 1857 at Christ Church, West Bromwich but died in infancy (1859).  Also with them at the time of the census was 12 year old cousin Agnes Winney, described as a servant. Agnes was the daughter of Samuel’s aunt, Susan Vezey who had married Samuel Winney in 1831.

Jane gave birth to a son, Samuel, who was christened on April 27th, 1862 at Christ Church, West Bromwich who lived for just 1 year & was buried on April 26th, 1863 at Christ Church, West Bromwich.

In 1871 they were still at Smethwick but now living at Causer St & Samuel was now a glass flattener. At home were Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary (8), Jane (5), Margaret (4) & Maria (1).

By 1881 the family had moved to 4 Birmingham Rd, Oldbury & Samuel was described as a glass maker. At home were Mary, Jane, Margaret, Maria & new additions Fanny (age given as 10), Louisa (7) & at last another son – Samuel, aged 4.

In 1891 they were still living at Birmingham St, now #8. At home were Mary, Jane, Maria, Fanny, Louisa & Samuel.

There is a death recorded for Samuel Freeth, aged 63, in Jan-March 1897 registered at Kings Norton.

In 1901 there is record of a widow Jane R Freeth, a pork butcher aged 65 living at 71 High St, Smethwick with her son Samuel W, aged 24 & daughter Eliza J, aged 35, both also pork butchers.

Jane Rebecca died, aged 73, on June 5th, 1909 at High St, Smethwick.  Probate was granted at Lichfield on July 14th 1909 to daughter Eliza Jane Gilbert & son Samuel William Freeth, pork butcher.  Her effects amounted to £736.9s.4d.

The children of Samuel Freeth & Jane Rebecca Lambert were:

fh. Sarah Maria Freeth christened April 29th  1855 at Christ Church, West Bromwich
fh. Elizabeth Freeth born January 24th,1859 at Galton St, Smethwick; died Oct-December 1918 at Aston, Warks
fh. Margaret Freeth christened September 30th, 1860 at Christ Church, West Bromwich; buried February 11th, 1863 at Christ Church, West Bromwich
fh. Mary Freeth born August 2nd, 1863 at Smethwick; died Oct-December 1941 in West Bromwich
fh. Eliza Jane Freeth christened June 25th, 1865 at Christ Church, West Bromwich; died January 1st, 1936 at 20 Waterloo Rd, Smethwick
fh. Margaret Freeth born February 28th, 1867 at Smethwick; died July 29th, 1950 in Oldbury
fh. Ann Maria Freeth born April-June 1870 at Smethwick; died July-September 1934 at West Bromwich
fh. Fanny Freeth born January 22nd, 1872 at Smethwick; died November 13th, 1951 at 19 Roebuck Lane, West Bromwich
fh. Louisa Freeth born May 6th, 1873 at Smethwick
fh. Samuel William Freeth born May 13th, 1876 at West Bromwich; died September 27th, 1941 at 197 Park Rd, Bearwood, Smethwick


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