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Annie Hall [ha.8.1]

Annie Hall was the first child of Barbara Hall. She was born June 20th, 1871 at South Hetton, father unknown. The birth was registered on September 13th, 1871 by her mother who was unable to write & therefore made her mark.

Annie's birth certificate

Annie’s mother Barbara married John McCree Pallister in 1873 at Ryhope, Co Durham & Annie appears to have taken the Pallister name as she was recorded as Annie Pallister at the time of the 1881 census. At this time she was listed with her aunt Annie (her mother’s older sister), now the wife of Winship Soppitt, a blacksmith, at Framwellgate, Durham & their 2 children.

Annie (Pallister) married Robert Trusty in Oct-December 1890, the marriage being registered at Sunderland. Robert was born Oct-December 1861 at Ryhope, the son of Jane & Robert Trusty, a contractor born in Dumfries, Scotland.

In 1891 Robert, a joiner, & Annie were living at 2 Gordon Terr, Ryhope with their 4 month old son Robert H. Annie & Robert also had a daughter Ethel in 1892.

Sadly Robert died in 1892, aged 30, at 11 Alice St, Ryhope & was buried November 8th at St Paul’s, Ryhope.

The children of Annie Pallister (nee Hall) & Robert Trusty were:

ha.8.1.1 Robert Harold Trusty born December 9th, 1890 at Ryhope, Co Durham; died May 12th, 1952 at Thomas St, Ryhope
ha.8.1.2 Ethel Trusty born June 29th,  1892 at Ryhope, Co Durham; died June 18th, 1956 & buried at Ryhope Cemetery

Annie remarried at the age of 25 on Christmas Day, 1896 at St Paul’s, Ryhope. Her second husband was James Wright (33), of 63 Ryhope St, Ryhope. Annie’s address was given as 14 Gibson Terrace, Ryhope & her father was listed as John Pallister, brakesman. Witnesses at the wedding were John Pallister & Margaret Eleanor Gibson. Margaret was to marry Annie’s half brother John Pallister 5 years later. James Michael Wright was born May 10th, 1863 at Sheriff Hill, Gateshead, Co Durham, the son of Jane & Thomas Wright, a coal miner.

In 1901 Annie & James were living at 24 back Burdon St, Ryhope & James was described as a coal miner, a putter belowground. With them was Annie’s daughter Ethel Trusty (8) & James & Annie’s children Jane (3) & John (1). Annie's son Robert Harold Trusty (listed as Pallister) was with his grandparents Barbara & John McCree Pallister at 14 Gibson Terrace, Ryhope.

Annie & James were living at 34 Burdon St, Ryhope in 1911 with their 5 children – Jane, John, Barbara (9), Lilian (7) & Thomas (3).  Also living with them were Annie’s children Robert Trusty who worked underground at the colliery, & Ethel who assisted with domestic duties.  Annie’s half-brother William Pallister, a foundry casting cleaner, was also with them at the time of the census.

Daughter Ethel married Alfred Davison on January 29th, 1916 at Ryhope.  Sadly Alfred died from gunshot wounds on October 10th, 1918.  Ethel married again in 1937 at Ryhope, her second husband being Thomas Harris Davis.  Ethel & Thomas were living in Thomas St, Ryhope in 1939 & with them was Ethel’s son Robert Trusty Davison.

Annie & James continued to live at 34 Burdon St, Ryhope until at least 1925. 

Daughter Lilian married George Swainston on December 22nd, 1928 at Ryhope & in 1939 they were living at Blind Lane, Tunstall, Co Durham & George was a colliery stoneman.

The 1939 register shows Annie & James living at 3 St Patricks Terrace, Ryhope.  James was now a retired coal miner.

James died in Jan-March 1946, aged 82, his death being registered in Durham Eastern.

The children of Annie Trusty (nee Pallister/Hall) & James Michael Wright were:

ha.8.1.3  Jane Wright born July-September 1897 at Ryhope, Co Durham
ha.8.1.4  John Wright born April-June 1899 at Ryhope, Co Durham
ha.8.1.5  Barbara Wright born July-September 1901 at Ryhope, Co Durham
ha.8.1.6  Lilian Wright born October 17th, 1903 at Ryhope, Co Durham; died Oct-December 1990 in Sunderland
ha.8.1.7  Thomas Wright born April-June 1907 at Ryhope, Co Durham; died September 10th, 1929 at Ryhope


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