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The Hall family begins with [ha] John Hall

[The earliest members of our Hall family have now been traced back from [ha] John Hall born 1811 to his father James Hall born c1782]


[ha] John Hall 1811-1870 m. Margaret Slack 1815-1888


[ha.1] John Hall 1838- m. Isabella Robson 1837-1864

[ha.1.1] Jane Hall 1860-


[ha.2] James Hall 1841-1842

[ha.3] Jane Hall 1843-1912 m. John Speed 1837-1906

[ha.4] Margaret Hall 1845-1917 m. Henry Sayer 1846-

[ha.5] James Hall 1847-1907


[ha.6] William Hall 1849-1920 m. Mary Angles 1849-1903

[ha.6.1] John Hall 1873-1951 m. Dorothy Eggleston 1878-

[ha.6.2] William Hall 1877-1879

[ha.6.3] James Hall 1878- m. Helena Darbyshire 1880-

[ha.6.4] Margaret Hall 1882- m. Isaac Atkinson c1880-

[ha.6.5] Elizabeth Ann Hall 1886-1886


[ha.7] Ann Hall 1851- m. Winship Soppit 1842-1890


[ha.8] Barbara Hall 1853-1901 m. John McCree Pallister [p.] 1851-1902

[ha.8.1] Annie Hall 1871- m. (1) Robert Trusty 1861-1892

(2) James Wright 1863-1946


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