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Joseph Fleming Lister [li.8.1]

Joseph Fleming Lister was the first child of Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister & Mary Ann Knaggs born August 19th, 1855 at Lazenby, Yorks & christened August 24th, 1855 at Wilton By Redcar, Yorks. Joseph's middle name came from his maternal grandmother, Hannah Flemming.

In 1861 Joseph was living with his parents at his grandfather’s, John Knaggs, a 64 year old widower who was an innkeeper, at the High St, Lazenby, Yorks. There was a 20 year old house servant, Jane Flemming also with them.

At the time of the 1871 census Joseph was still living with his parents & family at East St, Lazenby.

Joseph married Emma Snowdon in Oct-December 1878 at Guisborough. Emma was the daughter of Ann & Thomas Snowdon, a master blacksmith, born & christened August 30th, 1859 at Eston.

In 1881 Joseph & Emma were living at Fidlers St, Lazenby & Joseph was an ironstone miner.

By 1891 they had moved to Eston & were living at Hurley St. Joseph was a joiner & they had 4 children – William (9), Lilly (7), Esther (5) & Elizabeth (2).

They were still living at Eston in 1901, but at Church Lane. Joseph continued to be a joiner at the ironworks. At home were William, a general labourer, Lilly, Esther, Elizabeth & new additions Annie (Mary Ann) (9), Joseph (6), Ernest (4) & Henry (2).

By 1911 Joseph & Emma had moved to 1 Albert Rd, Eston. Joseph was described as a joiner & builder in the census & Emma was a general dealer. At home were children William, a bricklayer, Elizabeth, Annie, Joseph, a house painter, Ernest & Henry. Both Lilly & Esther had left home. Lilly married Albert James T Baker, a joiner, in 1907 & Esther married John Edward Honeywell in 1908.

Son Joseph married Stella Hall in April-June 1917 at Middlesbrough.  Daughter Mary Ann (Annie) married Arthur Whelerton also in April-June 1917 at Middlesbrough.

Joseph died on October 9th, 1928 at 28 Albert Rd, Eston & was buried October 11th at Eston Cemetery.  Probate was granted in London on February 16th, 1929 to son Henry Lister, labourer & John William Page, a clerk.  Joseph’s effects were £2,557.19s.11d & resworn as £2,657.19s.11d.

Emma was living at 1 Snowden St, Eston at the time of the 1939 register & described as a general shop keeper retired.  With her were daughter Elizabeth, a general shopkeeper, & widowed daughter Annie Whelerton & her son Eric (29), a carpenter.  In 1939 three of Emma’s sons were all near neighbours in Flora St, Eston.  Son Joseph Fleming, a master painter & decorator, his wife Stella & son Desmond were living at Mill View, son Ernest, a box filler at an iron & steel manufacturers, & wife Elizabeth & family were living at ‘Retsil’ (anagram of Lister?), & son William, a third hand steel smelter, & wife Lily were found at #6 Flora St. Son Henry was working as a metal carrier at a blast furnace in 1939 & he & wife Margaret & family were also living in Eston.  Emma’s daughter had moved south to Kent by 1933 when her husband Albert James T Baker died & in 1939 she was living with her daughter Lily & husband Benjamin R Godfrey, a railway clerk, in Ashford, Kent.

Emma died on November 3rd, 1941 at 1 Snowden St, Eston & was buried on November 6th at Eston Cemetery.   Administration of her estate was granted at Llandudno on September 15th, 1945 to son Joseph Fleming Lister, master painter.  Her effects were £69.14s.6d.

The children of Joseph Fleming Lister & Emma Snowdon were:

li.8.1.1 Herbert William Lister born April-June 1879 at Lazenby; buried June 12th, 1880 at St Cuthbert’s, Wilton, Guisborough

li.8.1.2 William Lister born 1882 at Lazenby & christened February 22nd, 1882 at Redcar Wesleyan Methodist Church; died June 18th, 1948 at 6 Flora St, Eston & buried June 21st, 1949

li.8.1.3 Lillie Lister born May 18th, 1883 at Lazenby; died 1967 & buried in Ashford Cemetery, Ashford, Kent

li.8.1.4 Esther Lister born March 5th, 1886 at Eston & christened March 23rd at Eston; died April 22nd 1954 at the General Hospital, Eston

li.8.1.5 Elizabeth Lister born May 24th, 1888 at Eston; died September 4th, 1945 at St Luke’s Hospital, Middlesbrough

li.8.1.6 Mary Ann Lister born April 4th, 1892 & christened May 4th, 1892 at Eston; died February 24th, 1945 at Eythorne High St, Eston

li.8.1.7 Joseph Fleming Lister born July 21st, 1894 at Church Lane, Old Eston & christened September 5th, 1894 at Eston; died March 11th, 1960 at Hill View, Flora St, Eston

li.8.1.8 Ernest Lister born February 4th, 1896 at Church Lane, Old Eston & christened March 25th, 1896 at Eston; died February 12th, 1973 at Retsil Cottage, Eston

li.8.1.9 Henry Lister born February 9th, 1899 at Church Lane, Old Eston & christened March 29th, 1899 at  Eston; died July-September 1954 in Middlesbrough


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