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Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister [li.8]

Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister was the eighth child of Thomas Lister & Ann Pattison born 1829 in Ormesby. He was christened on March 22nd, 1829 at Ormesby, Yorks, the IGI records listing him as simply Wheatley Lister. His middle names were derived from his mother & his maternal grandmother, Mary Wheatley.

In 1841 Richard was listed at home with his parents & family at Ormesby.

In 1851 Richard was a farm labourer working for farmer Richard Askew, on Scugdale farm of 192 acres at Guisborough.

On December 30th, 1854 Richard married Mary Ann Knaggs at Wilton, Guisborough.  Both gave their residence as Lazenby & witnesses at the wedding were Richard’s sister Maria Lister & James Forster.   Mary was the daughter of Hannah Flemming & John Knaggs, a publican, born c1835 at Normanby, Yorks.

By 1861 Richard & Mary were living with Mary’s father John Knaggs, a 64 year old widower who was an innkeeper at the High St, Lazenby, Yorks. Richard was an ironstone miner & he & Mary had a son Joseph, aged 5. Visiting them was a 20 year old servant Jane Flemming, presumably a relative.

In 1871 Richard & Mary were still living at Lazenby at 4 East St, & Richard was still an iron stone miner. They now had 3 children at home – Joseph, John K (5) & Henry Etta (1)! Another daughter, Hannah Maria had been born in 1868 but died aged just 6 months. The next entry on the burial register was for Mary’s father, John Knaggs of Lazenby, who was buried on April 8th, 1868.  (Strangely the baptism entries for the first 3 children give Richard’s occupation as butcher.)

Richard, an ironstone miner, & Mary were still at Lazenby by the time of the 1881 census, now living at Knaggs St. At home were John, a labourer, Henrietta, a scholar & Richard, aged 4.

In 1891 Richard, now listed as a retired butcher!, & Mary were living at Queen St, Lazenby. All the children had left home by this time. Living nearby in Queen St was Richard's nephew Thomas Lister [li.7.3] & his wife & family.

Richard died in 1891 aged 62, & was buried on September 15th  at St Cuthbert’s, Wilton, Guisborough.

Mary died in 1895, aged 61, & was buried on February 11th  at St Cuthbert’s, Wilton, Guisborough.

The children of Richard Lister & Mary Ann Knaggs were:

li.8.1 Joseph Fleming Lister born August 19th, 1855 at Lazenby, Yorks & christened August 24th, 1855 at Wilton By Redcar, Yorks; died October 9th, 1928 at 28 Albert Road, Eston
li.8.2 John Knaggs Lister born May 28th, 1865 at Lazenby, Yorks & christened September 3rd, 1865 at Wilton by Redcar, Yorks; died April 22nd 1897 at The Nags Head, Lazenby.
li.8.3 Hannah Maria Lister born September 26th, 1867 at Lazenby, christened January 16th, 1868 at Wilton By Redcar, Yorks, buried March 29th,  1868 at Lazenby
li.8.4 Henrietta Lister born March 8th, 1870 at Lazenby & christened November 13th, 1870 at Wilton By Redcar, Yorks; died February 2nd, 1934 at Darlington
li.8.5 Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister born July 15th, 1876 at Lazenby & christened May 14th 1877 at Eston, Yorks; died January 17th, 1953 at 3 Ormesby Bank, Ormesby


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