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Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister [li.8.5]

Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister was the fifth child of Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister & Mary Ann Knaggs born July 15th, 1876 at Lazenby, Yorks.

In 1881 Richard was living at home at Knaggs St, Lazenby.

In 1891 Richard (listed as Lester in census) was living with his older brother John who was an innkeeper at the Nags Head Inn, Lazenby.

In October 25th, 1900 Richard married Hannah Matilda Melson, the marriage being registered at Darlington. Hannah was the daughter of David & Millicent Melson born Jan-March 1877 at Eston.

At the time of the 1901 census Richard was visiting his sister Henrietta Stableforth & family at 1 Archer St, Darlington. He was listed as a commission agent (sporting). His wife Hannah was recorded at Jubilee Rd, Eston, the home of her parents David & Millicent Melson. Also listed with Hannah’s parents were two 4 year old granddaughters – Edith Melson born Eston & Florie born Lazenby.  There is a birth registered for Edith Alice Melson in Oct-December 1896 at Eston.  In Richard’s military records he lists Edith Alice as a child but the entry is crossed out.  There is a birth registration for Florence Mary Hannah Lister Melson in Jan-March 1897 at Guisborough.  No father’s name was given for either of the entries.

In 1911 Richard & Hannah were living at 8 Hawthorne Terrace, Eston, Middlesbrough & Richard's occupation was given as ‘private means'. Listed with them was daughter Edith Lister, aged 14, born in Eston. Presumably this was Hannah's daughter Edith (Melson) mentioned above. Florence was again listed with her grandparents in Jubilee Rd, Eston in 1911.

Richard served with the Durham Light Infantry during WW1.  He gave his religion as Wesleyan & his address was 19 Essen Road, Darlington & his occupation was a clerk.  In April 1918 he was reported missing & was a prisoner of war in Germany.

Daughter Edith married Henry Borrows, a picture hall manager, in 1917 at Darlington.  Henry’s war records during WW1 show his wife to be Edith & her address as 19 Essen Rd, Darlington.  At the time of the 1939 register Edith (born November 11th, 1897) & Henry (born September 3rd. 1885) were living at the Garrison Theatre, Richmond Rd, Catterick Camp, Richmond.  Henry was the cinema manager & their son Stanley was a bank clerk.

The 1939 register shows Richard living at ‘Bainesse’, Ormesby Bank, Ormesby & his occupation was retired commission agent. 

Richard died on January 17th, 1953 at 3 Ormesby Bank, Ormesby, Middlesbrough.  Probate was granted in London on April 17th, 1953 to Stanley Borrows, clerk, & his effects were £568.14s.7d.  His death was recorded in the London Gazette of June 12th, 1953 when he was referred to as a ‘gentleman of no occupation’.

Widowed Hannah, of 3 Ormesby Bank, Ormesby died just a matter of days after her husband on January 28th, 1953 at Nazareth House, Nottingham.  Probate of her estate was granted on April 17th, 1953 to Stanley Burrows, clerk & her effects were £1,220.10s.7d.

The children of Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister & Hannah Matilda Melson were:

li.8.5.1  Edith Alice (Melson) Lister born November 11th, 1897 at Eston; died July-September 1970 at Richmond, N. Yorks


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