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Jane Pallister [p.]

  Jane Pallister was the first child of Thomas Pallister & Christiana Stabler christened April 6th, 1828 at Staindrop, Co Durham.

In 1841 Jane was living with her widowed grandfather, John Pallister at Cottages, Windlestone, Co Durham.

Jane was working as a housemaid in 1851 & living in the Village, Gainford.  The head of the household was Jessie Whitman, a cook. 

Jane married Oliver Bell in Oct-December 1854 in Teesdale.  Oliver was christened February 28th, 1825 at Gainford, Co Durham, the son of Sarah & Oliver Bell, a gardener.

In 1861 Jane & Oliver were living at Easington Lane, Hetton-le-Hole, Co Durham & Oliver was a police constable.  They had 2 daughters – Frances Eleanor (5) & Ann (11 months).  There was also a 59 year old visitor, Mary Storey.

By 1871 the family had moved to 12 Wood St, Bishop Wearmouth, Sunderland & Oliver was now working as a tailor.  Besides daughter Ann who was still at home they now had a son Thomas William (9) & a daughter Sarah Jane (6).

Oliver had a letter published in the Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail on October 26th, 1880 revealing his health problems.  He was writing in praise of Mr Richard Lonsdale, the inventor of a device known as ‘the Magnetaire’.  Oliver wrote that for 4 years he had suffered from bronchitis & shortness of breath, also rheumatic pains.  After trying the ‘Appliance’ Oliver stated that he was now remarkably well & had never had such relief.  He blessed the day that Mr Lonsdale came to Sunderland.  He signed his letter ‘Oliver Bell (postman).’

Oliver had changed his occupation again by 1881 & was now working as a letter carrier, as was son Thomas.  Daughter Sarah Jane was still at home & worked as an apprentice dressmaker. They were now living at 8 Gilsland St, Bishop Wearmouth.

Daughter Sarah Jane married Alexander Anderson of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers on august 25th, 1885 at St Cuthbert’s.  She was described as the youngest daughter of master tailor Oliver Bell.

By 1891 all children had left home & Jane & Oliver were still at the same address.  Oliver had returned to being a tailor.

Oliver & Jane were living at 4 Gibson Alms Houses, Sunderland in 1901 & Oliver was described as a retired auxiliary postman.

Jane, aged 74, died in Oct-December 1902 at Sunderland.

Oliver, aged 77, on December 21st, 1903 at 4 Mowbray Alms Houses, Sunderland & was buried at Bishop Wearmouth Cemetery. 

The children of Jane Pallister & Oliver Bell were:

p.  Frances Eleanor Bell born Oct-December 1855 in Stockton;  died in Workhouse, Bishop Wearmouth & buried September 18th, 1871 in Bishop Wearmouth
p.  Charles Matthew Bell born Oct-December 1857 in Bishop Auckland; buried May 19th, 1859 at St Nicholas, Hetton-le-Hole
p.  Ann Bell born April-June 1860 at Houghton-le-Spring
p.  Thomas William Bell born Jan-March 1862 at Houghton-le-Spring
p.  Sarah Jane Bell born April-June 1864 at Houghton-le-Spring
p.  Emily Bell christened June 4th, 1869 at Bishop Wearmouth; died at 299 High St West, Bishop Wearmouth & buried July 12th, 1869 at Bishop Wearmouth




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