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John Pallister [p.1.2.4]

John Pallister was the fourth child of Cuthbert Pallister & Hannah Blenkinsop born February 1st, 1739 at Langley Lane, Lanchester, Co Durham.

John was entered into the church at All Saints Lanchester in 1748 along with his 2 sisters & brother under the heading ‘births/baptisms of papists & dissenters'. His parents may have been Presbyterians since their second child Thomas who died in infancy was christened at the Presbyterian Chapel in Ryton.

John married Ellinor Yealder on January 28th, 1777 at Auckland St Helen, Co Durham. Ellinor was christened June 2nd 1753 at Auckland St Helen, the daughter of Thomas Yealder & Anne Sedgewick.

John & Ellinor lived at Windlestone, near Auckland St Andrew (now known as South Church) during the time of the births of their children from 1778 until 1794.

John benefited from the will of his uncle William Pallister [p.1.3] written in 1796. He received his uncle's best suit of apparel & a copy of Burket's Testament. At this time John was described as of Windlestone.

John died in 1820, aged 84 & was buried on March 29th at Auckland St Andrew. He was described as a farmer of Windlestone. Son William died later that year, aged 29, & was buried on June 18th at Auckland St Andrew.

There is a record of an Eleanor Pallister, aged 78, & widowed being buried on June 29th, 1825 at Auckland St Andrew. Her abode was given as Windlestone.

Eleanor’s brother, William Yealder yeoman of Witton Gilbert, Co Durham appointed nephews Thomas, John & Cuthbert Pallister executors of his will which he wrote in August 1827.  He bequeathed to his sister Ann Yealder all his real & personal estate in Witton Gilbert.  Upon her death this was to go to the aforenamed nephews.  Niece Eleanor Pallister of South Moor House, South Church was to receive £20 on William’s death.  Jane Atkinson, wife of George Atkinson of Blue Houses, Merrington was also to receive £20.  This is believed to be John & Eleanor’s daughter Jane Pallister who married George Atkinson on September 9th, 1823 at Auckland St Andrew. 

John’s 3 living sons are recorded in the Poll Books of 1832 as living at Windlestone & having the following property.  Son John had a freehold house etc at Witton Gilbert & sons Cuthbert & Thomas both had freehold property at Witton Gilbert.

The children of John Pallister & Ellinor Yealder were:

p. Thomas Pallister born at Windlestone & christened March 8th, 1778 at Auckland St Andrew; died January 22nd, 1858 at Middridge, Shildon, Co Durham

p. John Pallister born at Windlestone & christened June 12th, 1780 at Auckland St Andrew; died November 21st, 1850

p. Eleanor Pallister born at Windlestone & christened April 14th, 1782 at Auckland St Andrew

p. Jane Pallister born at Windlestone & christened October 2nd, 1785 at Auckland St Andrew

p. Elizabeth Pallister born at Windlestone c1787; buried February 21 st , 1788 at Auckland St Andrew

p. William Pallister born at Windlestone & christened May 8th, 1791 at Auckland St Andrew; died at Windlestone & buried June 18th, 1820 at Auckland St Andrew

p. Cuthbert Pallister born at Windlestone & christened February 9th, 1794 at Auckland St Andrew; died July-September 1874 at Darlington


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