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William Pallister [p.1.3]

William Pallister was the third child of Cuthbert Pallister & Margaret Oxley born at Standagainstall, Lanchester & christened June 22nd, 1712 at Lanchester, Co. Durham.

William married Thomasine. William was a yeoman who lived at Greencroft, northwest of Lanchester.

William & Thomasine had a son William, who only lived for a few years, but no other children were found.

William wrote a will on December 27 th , 1796 in which he gave to his wife Thomasine his household furniture & £20. It appears that William & Thomasine had no living children as he went on to give to his nephew William Pallister [p.1.6.3] of Iveston his second wearing apparel & £10, to nephew Peter Pallister [p.1.6.6] of Lanchester £10. These were sons of William's brother Peter [p.1.6]. To his nephew John Pallister [p.1.2.4] of Windlestone (son of William's older brother Cuthbert [p.1.2]) he gave his best suit of apparel & ‘Burket's Testament'. To his nephew John Pallister [p.1.6.5] of Greencroft, another son of Peter, he also gave the remainder of his effects & made him executor of his will.

William died at Low Greencroft aged 85, & was buried on September 1st, 1797 at Lanchester.

His will was administered on January 7th 1800 by William Bell, one of the witnesses & the executor John Pallister of Greencroft.

Thomasine died on February 8th, 1801 at Bill Quay & was buried on February 20th at Heworth. She was stated to be the widow of the late William Pallister.

The children of William Pallister & Thomasine were:

p.1.3.1 William Pallister born at Riding, Lanchester & christened November 17th, 1747 at All Saints, Lanchester; died 1752 at Riding, Lanchester & buried February 16th, 1852 at All Saints, Lanchester


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