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Cuthbert Pallister [p.1]

Tree showing lineage from Cuthbert Pallister to 6x great granddaughter Trudy Loraine Pallister

Cuthbert Pallister's parentage remains a matter of debate. There are 2 christening records in the IGI database at the appropriate time for Cuthbert's birth in Co Durham. There is a Cuthbert Pallester christened November 13th, 1681 at Medomsley, Co Durham with father Stephen Pallester. Another entry for Cuthbert Palliser is a christening on July 22nd, 1683 at Ryton with father Joseph Palliser.

Cuthbert became a farmer in the Lanchester area of Co Durham. Interestingly the father of the first Cuthbert mentioned above, Stephen Pallaster, married Mabel(l) Pennington on May 28th, 1678 at Tynemouth, Northumberland & there is a death for Mabel Pallister in August 1719 in the Lanchester area of Co. Durham. Mabel was buried August 19th, 1719 at All Saints, Lanchester.

It is known that Cuthbert married Margaret(t) Oxley on January 1st, 1709 at Ryton, Co. Durham, indicating a possible link to the Cuthbert born at Ryton! Margaret was born c1687 in Co. Durham.

Cuthbert was a farmer at Stand-against-all, Lanchester from at least 1707 until 1712. From 1720 until 1724 the place of birth of his children was given as Langley Loning. Loning is an old English term for lane & Stand-against-all was a dwelling on Langley Lane. Cuthbert’s son Peter mentions his properties on Langley Lane in his will of 1805.

Map showing Standagainstall Farm on Langley Lane (L), Lanchester 1861

According to local legend the name 'Stand-against-all' derives from the time of Oliver Cromwell (c1650) & relates to the prowess of his followers in their stand against the Scots. The nearby public house, marked The Black Horse on the map, was also known as 'Try-em-all' relating to the fact that the pub was the seat of local trials. Cromwell is believed to have stayed at the public house on his travels to Scotland.

‘Stand-against-all' received recent notoriety due to a murder having taken place there. Farmer Joseph Langton lived with his wife Florence at ‘Stand-against-all' Farm. Joseph, who was having an affair with a farmer's daughter, arranged for his wife to be murdered. For a payment of £800 John Cook & his accomplices carried out the brutal murder on May 18th, 1970 & Florence's body was only discovered in a shallow grave 3 months later. All concerned were convicted & imprisoned.

Margaret died in the Lanchester area of Co. Durham & was buried August 30th, 1761 at All Saints, Lanchester.

Cuthbert was buried on April 11th, 1762 at All Saints, Lanchester, Co Durham.

The children of Cuthbert Pallister & Margaret Oxley were:

p.1.1 Jane Pallister christened October 5th, 1707 at Lanchester
p.1.2 Cuthbert Pallister christened January 6th, 1709 at Lanchester; buried April 19th, 1780 at Auckland St Andrew.
p.1.3 William Pallister christened June 22nd, 1712 at Lanchester, died September 1st, 1797 at Low Greencroft, Lanchester
p.1.4 Jane Pallister christened August 1713 at Ryton
p.1.5 John Pallister christened January 31st, 1716 at Lanchester
p.1.6 Peter Pallister christened June 29th, 1720 at Lanchester, died June 27th, 1809, buried June 30th, 1809 at All Saints, Lanchester
p.1.7 Mabel Pallister christened September 29th, 1724 at Lanchester; buried October 1st, 1782 at Holy Trinity, Sunderland
p.1.8 Margaret Pallister christened September 29th, 1724 at Lanchester


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