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Ralph Speed Pallister [p.]

Ralph Speed Pallister was the first child of Robert Pallister & Margaret Speed born 16th September, 1808 & christened October 16th, 1808 at Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham.

Ralph's baptism record

Ralph married Eleanor McCree on February 25th, 1833 at St Bartholomew’s, Longbenton, Northumberland. Eleanor was born August 1st, 1810 at West Moor, Northumberland & christened October 7th, 1810 at Longbenton, the daughter of George McCree & Sarah Ramsdon.

Ralph and Eleanor's marriage entry in the Bishop's transcripts

In 1839 at the time of the birth of their son Ralph, Ralph & Eleanor (known as Ellen) were living at Gosforth Row, & Ralph was described as a pitman.

In 1841 Ralph & Ellen were living at Benton Grange, Longbenton & Ralph was a coal miner. They had 2 children at home – Robert (5) & Ralph (1). There had been 2 more children by this time - Sarah, born 1833 who died aged 9 months, & George McCree, born 1838 who lived only 6 months.

By 1843 they had moved to Castle Eden, Monk Hesleden, Co Durham. In the 1851 census Ralph was still working as a coal miner. Son Robert was now working as a miner & also at home were Ralph, William (8) & Sarah (3). Just after the census son John McCree was born on April 2nd. On registering his birth on May 5th 1851 Eleanor made her mark & thus we know that she was unable to write.

In 1861 the family were living at Cargills Court, Wingate Grange Colliery, Co Durham. Like their father, sons Robert, Ralph & William were all coal miners. Also at home were Sarah & son John (10).

The family moved to Ryhope Colliery sometime before 1868.  Ralph died on May 7th 1868,  aged 60, & was buried on May 10th, aged 60, at St Paul’s, Ryhope.  It was noted in the newspaper death notices of May 15th, 1868 (Durham County Advertiser) that Ralph was well respected by all who knew him.

In 1871 widow Ellen was living with her son John McCree (20), a labourer at the stone heap, at 66 Burdon St, Ryhope. Also living there was Ellen’s son Ralph, a fireman, & daughter Sarah (21), a manglewoman. A nephew of John McCree’s was also listed on the census – John Pallister, only 3 months old. This was the illegitimate son of Sarah McCree Pallister. There was also a visitor – Charles Carney, a 25 year old screeman from Ireland.

Ellen (69) was living with son Ralph in 1881 at 29 Doctors St, Seaham, Co. Durham. Ralph was unmarried & was a coal miner. Living with them was Ralph’s nephew John McCree Pallister, aged 10.

Ellen was buried at St Mary the Virgin, Seaham on December 16th, 1884, aged 73.

The children of Ralph Speed Pallister & Eleanor McCree were:

p. Sarah Pallister christened December 15th, 1833 at Longbenton, Northumberland, died 1834 at Killingworth Colliery, buried February 7th, 1834 at Longbenton
p. Robert Speed Pallister born 1836 Killingworth, christened May 28th, 1836 at All Saints, Newcastle, died Oct-December 1909 at Gateshead
p. George McCree Pallister christened February 17th, 1838 at Longbenton, Northumberland, buried July 16th, 1838 at Longbenton
p. Ralph Speed Pallister born Gosforth Colliery & christened December 29th, 1839 at Longbenton, died July 25th, 1914 in Jackson County, Ohio, USA
p. William Speed Pallister born Gosforth & christened December 22nd 1843 at Holy Trinity, Wingate Grange, Easington, died November 22nd, 1909 at Castle W
p. Sarah McCree Pallister born 1847 at Wingate & christened October 10th, 1847 at Holy Trinity, Wingate Grange, Easington; died February 8th, 1919 in Coal Township, Jackson, Ohio, USA
p. John McCree Pallister born April 2nd 1851 at Castle Eden Colliery & christened October 19th, 1851 at Holy Trinity, Wingate Grange, Easington, died July-September 1902 at Sunderland


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