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Sarah Pallister [p.]

Sarah Pallister was the second child of John Pallister & Sarah Urpeth christened April 12th, 1795 at All Saints, Lanchester, Co Durham.

Sarah married George Bold on June 7th, 1813 at All Saints, Lanchester. Witnesses at the wedding were Margaret Tindell, John Pallister, Thomas Elringham & John Pallister.  George was christened April 30th, 1786 at Houghton-le-Spring, the son of Ann Bold.

Sarah & George lived in Tanfield, Co Durham from c1815 until at least 1825 before moving to Longbenton where their last 2 children were born in the early 1830s.

Sarah was mentioned in her father's will of 1828. He directed that on the death of his wife her goods were to be shared between his son John & daughters Hannah & Sarah. He noted that he had already given Sarah since she married various goods & sums of money amounting to £50 & she was to receive a further £250 on his wife's decease. A sum of a further £300 was also mentioned which could have come to John & Sarah if sister Hannah had not married. However Hannah did eventually marry in 1837 but died 3 months later!

By 1841 Sarah & George had moved north to Longbenton, Northumberland where George was a grocer. They had 5 daughters & 2 sons living at home Ann (25), Hannah (20), Jane (18), Margaret (15), Emma (6), George (20) & Edwin (9). Living with them was Sarah's widowed mother, Sarah Pallister, aged 80.

Sarah aged 56, died on November 4th,1848 at Longbenton & was buried on November 7th, 1848 at St Bartholemews, Longbenton.

In 1851 widowed George (listed by the enumerator as married) was again living in Longbenton Village & was now described as a grocer & flour ( sic ) dealer. Daughter (Sarah) Ann, a dressmaker & milliner, Thomas John (34), a merchant's clerk, Caroline Hannah (32), George, a grocer's assistant, Margaret & Emma were all at home.

George, a provision dealer, died on 4th, July 1859 at Longbenton & was buried on July 6th, 1859 at St Barthomews, Longbenton. His will was proved by son Thomas John, a seedsman, & daughter Sarah Ann Bold, both of Longbenton.  George’s estate was valued at under £2000.

Some of George & Sarah's children continued in the grocery trade & lived together for many years see below.

In 1861 son George was head of the family who were still living at Longbenton Village. George was a grocer & florist. Sisters Sarah Ann & Margaret were with him as were brothers Thomas John, a corn merchant's clerk, & Edwin, a grocer. There were also 2 nephews with them - Robert Anthony Smith (10) & Charles Albert Smith (3). These were the children of sister Jane Bold who had married Robert Anthony Smith in 1848. Jane & Robert, a traveller in provision trade, were at Westgate St John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with the rest of their family (5 sons & 1 daughter) at the time of the 1861 census. Visiting Robert & Jane was her sister Emma, described as a lady's maid.

Daughter Emma married William Hunter Pratt of Cullercoats, a joiner, on September 25th, 1861 at St John’s, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Daughter Sarah Ann married James Tate in Oct-December 1870 at Tynemouth but sadly died the following year, aged 56.

In 1871 George was still head of the household at Longbenton & continued to be a grocer & flour dealer. With him were brothers Thomas John & Edwin, also a grocer & flour dealer & sister Margaret. The nephews were still with them & Robert was an apprentice grocer. An article in the Newcastle Chronicle of May 12th, 1888 tells us much of Thomas John’s life & his achievements.  The family having lived in Tanfield initially, moved to Newbottle, Co Durham when Thomas still a child. Thomas attended Houghton-le-Spring Grammar School & finished his education in Newcastle when the family moved to Longbenton. He then began working for Thomas Pattinson, grocer & seedsman in the Bigg Market.  He remained there until he became incapacitated for active work.  Having been keenly interested in Natural History from his youth, ornithology was one of his favourite pursuits.  However he had to cease bird stuffing when his health deteriorated & returned to another of his hobbies – entomology.  He became renowned in this field, his speciality being Coleoptera.  With colleagues he compiled a catalogue of these insects & had many notes & papers published.  Unfortunately from the early part of 1867 Thomas was confined to his room through paralysis & on his death in 1874 his brother, Edwin, presented his collections to the Newcastle Natural History Society.

By 1881 George had retired from being a grocer & brother Edwin was now head of the household at the Grocer's shop, Longbenton. Edwin was working as a grocer & flour dealer & sister Margaret was their housekeeper. Also living with them was niece Sarah A P Smith (17), another child of sister Jane & Robert Smith.

Margaret died in 1887 & in 1891 her brother George was boarding with nephew Robert A Smith, now a grocer, & his wife Isabella & 1 year old son Charles E. They were still living in Longbenton. Brother Edwin was living nearby, now a retired grocer, with his niece Sarah A P Smith who was his housekeeper.

Edwin died, aged 61, in 1893 but older brother George was still living with his nephew Robert & family in Longbenton in 1891. George eventually died, aged 82, in 1903.

The children of Sarah Pallister & George Bold were:

p. Sarah Ann Bold christened July 30th, 1815 at Tanfield, Co Durham; died December 16th, 1871 & buried December 19th, 1871 at St Bartholemews, Longbenton

p. Thomas John Bold christened February 9th, 1817 at Tanfield, Co Durham; buried May 8th, 1874 at St Bartholemews, Longbenton

p. Hannah Caroline Bold christened April 11th, 1819 at Tanfield, Co Durham; died on July 31st, 1857 at Ryton & buried August 4th, 1857 at St Bartholemews, Longbenton

p. George Bold christened June 10th, 1821 at Tanfield, Co Durham; died January 17th, 1903 at Longbenton

p. Jane Bold christened November 2nd, 1823 at Tanfield, Co Durham

p. Margaret Bold christened April 3rd, 1825 at Tanfield, Co Durham; died October 7th, 1887 at Longbenton

p. Edwin Bold christened December 4th, 1831 at Longbenton, Northumberland; died January 20th, 1893 at Longbenton

p. Emma Bold christened October 24th, 1834 at Longbenton; died Oct-December 1903 at Tynemouth


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