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John Pallister [p.1.6.5]

John Pallister was the fifth child of Peter Pallister & Hannah Garthwaite christened February 8th, 1762 at All Saints, Lanchester, Co. Durham.

John married Sarah Urpeth on June 2nd, 1789 at Rothbury, Northumberland. Sarah was the daughter of Christopher Urpeth, born in Rothbury, Northumberland c1759. She was living in the village of Snitter, near Rothbury at the time of the marriage.

John & Sarah's marriage from Bishop's Transcripts of Rothbury 1789

Sarah received a legacy of £100 from her father on his death in 1790.

John & Sarah lived at Greencroft, Lanchester for many years, since their children were born there.

John was described as of Greencroft at the time of writing his will – see below.

John was the executor of his uncle William Pallister’s will on January 7th, 1800 from which he also benefited. He was also the executor of his father’s will in 1809 & inherited his estate called ‘Spitofall’, Lanchester. He also received some of his brother Cuthbert’s joinery tools on his death in 1824, which must have helped him in his joinery trade. As well as being a joiner, John was also a noted auctioneer, a trade which he was to pass on to his son John.

In the Parson & White registry of Durham & Northumberland 1828 John was described as a joiner living at Upper House, Greencroft.

John made a lengthy will – 8 sheets in all – on August 28th, 1828. In it he bequeathed to his wife all his household goods, furniture, plate, linen, china, beds, bedding, wearing apparel & other household implements. In the event that his daughter Hannah married in the lifetime of his wife he directed that Hannah should have half of his household goods. In addition Hannah was to have his 8-day clock when his wife died. On the death of his wife her goods were to be bequeathed to his son John & daughter Sarah (now married to George Bould) & daughter Hannah. He noted that he had already given to his daughter Sarah since she had married various goods & sums of money amounting to £50 & wished to bequeath Sarah a further £250 on his wife’s decease. He also wished Hannah to receive £300 when his wife died. If Hannah did not marry or have children or died then the money was to go to son John & daughter Sarah. John’s estate consisted of ‘messuages, tenements, dwelling houses with barns, byers, stables & other appertenances called by the name of ‘Spite of All’ (the estate inherited from his father) together with 3 parcels of land in the parish of Lanchester as is now in the tenure of William Joice as tenant. Also buildings etc at Ornsby Hill in the parish of Lanchester as is in tenancy of John Whitfield, John Daglish & myself. Also of those 5 closes of copyhold land that I have recently purchased of about 9 acres. Also a piece of waste ground.’ When his wife died all his estates were to pass to his son John. The executors of his will were his wife Sarah, son John, John Summers of Durham City & John Garthwaite of Newcastle, gentleman. Witnesses to the will were Mary Rain, William Barque & John X Hull.

1861 map showing 'Spite of All', part of John's estate inherited from his father

John was in declining health as a notice in the Newcastle Courant of February 5th, 1831 shows.  He placed a notice in the paper to say that he was passing on his auctioneer’s business to his son John. John died on May 16th, 1831 at Ornsby Hill, Lanchester, aged 69 & was buried on May 18th, 1831 at All Saints, Lanchester by the officiating curate, Joseph Thompson. (Joseph's daughter Sarah Thompson had married John Pallister's son, John in 1817.)

On November 7th, 1831 his son John Pallister of Moors Field, Lanchester, an auctioneer, executed the will along with his mother Sarah; John Summers & John Garthwaite having renounced their rights as executors.

Daughter Hannah died on February 12th, 1838, aged 37, & was buried alongside her father at All Saints, Lanchester.

In 1841 widow Sarah (aged 80) was living with her daughter Sarah & son-in-law George Bold at Longbenton, Newcastle. George was a grocer & he & Sarah had 7 children at home.

Sarah lived until the age of 86 & died on July 1st, 1845 at the home of her daughter & son-in-law at Longbenton, but was buried at All Saints, Lanchester alongside husband John & daughter Hannah.

The children of John Pallister & Sarah Urpeth were:

p. Sarah Pallister born 1792 at Greencroft, christened September 16th, 1792 at Lanchester
p. Sarah Pallister born 1795 at Low Town, christened April 12th, 1795 at Lanchester; died November 4th,1848 at Longbenton & buried on November 7th at St Bartholemews, Longbenton
p. John Pallister born 1796 at Greencroft, christened January 24th, 1796 at Lanchester; died September 10th, 1861 at Lanchester
p. Hannah Pallister born June 3rd, 1800 at Greencroft, christened August 10th, 1800 at Lanchester; died February 12th, 1838


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