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John Pallister [p.]

John Pallister was the first child of John Cuthbert Pallister & Maria Lumley born at Birtley & christened September 4th, 1848 at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

In 1851 John was with his parents at Birtley where his father was a coal miner.

In 1861 John was living with his parents & brother & 2 sisters at Frume Cottages, Birtley. His father had now become a blacksmith. 

The family was still living at Birtley in 1871, now at Harris Bank, & John was now working as a draper. Living nearby in Harris Bank was John's future wife, Jane Booth (21) who was described as a manager of a store. She was living with her sister Isabella Booth, a milliner.

John married Jane Booth in April-June 1875, the marriage being registered at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham. Jane was born in 1849 at Sunderland, Co Durham, the daughter of Jane Pinkney & Andrew Booth, a master mariner.

In 1881 John & Jane were living at 49 Eglington, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland & John was now a grocer. They had 2 daughters Beatrice (5) & Edith (2), & the family had a 19 year old domestic servant.

By 1891 they had moved to 27 Hendon Burn Avenue, Monkwearmouth & John was described as a timber measurer. At home were Beatrice M, Edith I B & John H B (1). Daughter Edith sadly died in 1897, aged just 18 years.

The family were still at the same address in 1901 & John continued to be a timber measurer. Beatrice & John were still at home. Daughter Beatrice married Charles Stuart on August 29th, 1901 at Tatham St Chapel, Sunderland.  Charles was the chief engineer of the SS Saint Bede of Liverpool.  The wedding announcement in the Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette of August 31st described father John as principal measurer for HM Customs timber measuring department.

Jane died, aged 60, on May 1st, 1910, at 27 Hendon Burn Avenue, Sunderland & was buried on May 4th at Mere Knolls Cemetery.

At the time of the 1911 census widower John & his son John were still at 27 Hendon Burn Avenue & John had now retired. Son John was a clerk for an accountant. Daughter Beatrice & husband Charles Stuart, a general engineer, were living at 9 Bambro St, Sunderland with 2 children Edith Isabella Booth (6) & Charles Pallister (2).

John died on April 18th, 1932 at 27 Hendon Burn Avenue, Sunderland, aged 83.  Administration was granted on July 29th, 1932  to son John Henry Booth Pallister,  private tutor & daughter Beatrice Maria Jane Stuart, wife of Charles Stuart.  His effects were £1,962.11s.2d.

The children of John Pallister & Jane Booth were: Beatrice Maria Jane Pallister born Jan-March 1876 at Shiney Row, Penshaw, Co Durham; died July 18th, 1944 at 36 Weldon Ave, Sunderland Edith Isabella Booth Pallister born Jan-March 1879 at Shiney Row, Penshaw, Co Durham; died June 17th, 1897 at Sunderland John Henry Booth Pallister born June 25th, 1884 at Sunderland, Co Durham; died February 23rd, 1940 at 27 Hendon Burn Ave, Sunderland



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