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Margaret Pallister [p.1.8]

Margaret Pallister was the eighth child of Cuthbert Pallister & Margaret Oxley born at Langley Lane House, Langley Loning, Lanchester & christened September 29th, 1724 at Lanchester, Co. Durham.

Margaret married Stephen Hodgson on June 7th, 1757 at Lanchester. They were both of the parish of Lanchester.

The children of Margaret Pallister & Stephen Hodgson were:

p.1.8.1 Elizabeth Hodgson christened March 31st, 1758 at Lanchester
p.1.8.2 William Hodgson christened May 12th, 1759 at Lanchester
p.1.8.3 Thomas Hodgson christened December 13th, 1760 at Lanchester
p.1.8.4 Margaret Hodgson christened April 24th, 1763 at Lanchester


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