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Thomas Stephenson [s.4.1]

Thomas Stephenson was the first child of Thomas Stephenson & Dorothy Pallister christened February 23rd, 1822 at Stokesley, Yorks.

In 1841 Thomas was living at West End, Stokesley & working as a shoe maker.

Thomas married Elizabeth Gibson on May 17th, 1842 at Stokesley. Elizabeth was the daughter of Elizabeth & Charles Gibson, a butcher, christened August 11th, 1819 at Carlton-in-Cleveland, Yorks.  Witnesses at the wedding were George Lane & Jane Stevenson.

By 1851 Thomas & Elizabeth were living at Front St, Stokesley & where he was a shoemaker. They had 3 children by this time – William (6), Thomas (4) & Elizabeth (1).

The family was still living at Stokesley in 1861, but at North Side. William (a railway clerk), Thomas (an apprentice saddler) & Elizabeth were still at home & they had 3 more children – Henry (9), George (4) & Frederick (1).

A revealing article in the Leeds Intelligencer of May 10th, 1862 related that Captain Wardell, late of Stokesley, Cleveland was killed while leading his regiment in the Battle of Fort Donelson, America.  His parents had emigrated about 11 years previously.  Thomas, his uncle, had had a letter from the parents the previous week telling of the Captain’s promotion a short time before the battle for valour displayed in taking a masked battery.

In 1866 Thomas was before the bench along with Joseph Ramsdale, both of Stokesley, each charging the other with assault.  Ramsdale was fined 1s and costs & Thomas was ordered to pay his own costs of 11s.6d. (Richmond & Ripon Chronicle, June 2nd, 1866)

Thomas appeared in the papers again in 1869 this time acting on behalf of his son Henry.  He charged G. Smith of Stokesley, stone mason, with neglecting to pay Henry’s wages as a bound apprentice during the time of his illness.  An order was made for immediate payment of £3.13s for wages due & costs. (York Herald, July 3rd, 1869)

In 1871 Thomas & Elizabeth were living at High St South, Stokesley & Thomas was still a shoemaker. At home were daughter Elizabeth, a dress maker, Henry, a stone mason & George. Sadly Henry died the next year.

Thomas was before the Petty Sessions again in 1876 when he was charged by Thomas Fryer of Chopgate, Bilsdale with using threatening language.  It seems they had an altercation about a property of disputed title.  The court decided there was not enough evidence to bind Thomas over.  (Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough, May 8th, 1876)

In 1881 Thomas & Elizabeth continued to live at High St, Stokesley & Thomas was still a shoemaker at the age of 60. Living with them at the time of the census was a grandson Joseph T Stephenson (8) born at Seaton Carew. This was the third child of son Thomas [s.4.1.2] who had married Ann Wainwright in 1867.

An interesting article in the Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough of January 20th, 1887 reported that Thomas Stephenson, shoemaker, was charged with firing a gun within 50 feet of the highway.  Having been convicted 18 times previously he was fined £1 and 10 shillings costs or 1 month hard labour.

In 1891 they were still living at High St, Stokesley. With them at the time of the census was a grandson Thomas Stephenson (16), a gardener, born at Port Clarence, Durham. This was another child of son Thomas & his wife Ann.

Thomas was still a shoemaker at the age of 80 & at the time of the 1901 census he & Elizabeth (81) were living at West End, Stokesley. With them was Daisy E Walton, a 14 year old grand daughter. This was the child of daughter Elizabeth who had married James Walton in 1881.

Elizabeth, aged 84, was buried on February 3rd, 1904 at St Peter & St Paul, Stokesley & Thomas died later that year on December 19th, aged 83, & was buried December 21st, also at St Peter & St Paul, Stokesley. Probate of Thomas’ estate  was granted at York on January 20th, 1905 to son William George Stephenson,  a railway superintendent & Thomas George Eeles, solicitor’s clerk.  His effects were £553.13s.8d.

The children of Thomas Stephenson & Elizabeth Gibson were:

s.4.1.1 William George Stephenson christened June 17th, 1844 at Stokesley; died June 11th, 1911 at Harrogate & buried June 14th 1911 at Malton Cemetery
s.4.1.2 Thomas Stephenson christened June 20th, 1848 at Stokesley, buried August 1st, 1897 at New Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough
s.4.1.3 Elizabeth Stephenson christened October 21st, 1849 at Stokesley, buried January 29th, 1896 at New Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough
s.4.1.4 Henry Stephenson christened August 31st, 1851 at Stokesley; buried December 4th, 1872 at St Peter & St Paul’s, Stokesley

s.4.1.5 Mary Stephenson born July-September 1853 at Stokesley; buried April 17th, 1857 at St Peter & St Paul’s, Stokesley
s.4.1.6 George Stephenson christened May 15th, 1856 at Stokesley; buried July 10th 1882 at St Peter & St Paul’s, Stokesley

s.4.1.7 Frederick Stephenson born Jan-March 1859 at Stokesley; died Jan-March 1859 at Stokesley

s.4.1.8 John Stephenson born Jan-March 1859 at Stokesley; died Jan-March 1859 at Stokesley
s.4.1.9 Frederick Stephenson christened April 18th, 1860 at Stokesley; died Oct-December 1861 at Stokesley
s.4.1.10 Charles Stephenson born April-June 1862 & christened July 19th 1862 at Stokesley; buried July 28th, 1865 at St Peter & St Paul, Stokesley


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