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Ralph Speed [sp.1.5.1]

Ralph Speed was the first child of John Speed & Ann Headly christened December 21st, 1738 at St Peter’s, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland.

Ralph was a mariner at the time of the allegation of marriage bonds in Sunderland. He married Elizabeth Wheatley on May 16th, 1767 at Holy Trinity, Sunderland.  Witnesses at the wedding were John Bo(e)ws & George Scott, mariner.  Elizabeth was christened May 12th, 1740 Sunderland, the daughter of Martha & John Wheatley.

Elizabeth, wife of Ralph a mariner, died at Union Lane on April 6th & was buried April 7th, 1805 at Holy Trinity, Sunderland.

Ralph died at Union Lane & was buried February 3rd,  1811 at Holy Trinity, Sunderland.

It is thought that daughter Ann married William Summers in 1811 at Sunderland.  At the time of the 1841 census she was living with Hannah Speed, wife of her brother John Speed, in Hartlepool, Co Durham & described as independent.  A death announcement for Ann in 1849 states that she was the widow of the late William Summers, master mariner.

Ralph’s son John became a mariner like his father, still being listed as a merchant seaman in 1835.

The children of Ralph Speed & Elizabeth Wheatley were:

sp. Ann Speed christened September 13th, 1768 at Sunderland; died February 25th, 1849 at South Durham St, Bishopwearmouth

sp. Martha Speed born February 22nd, 1770 & christened April 28th, 1771 at Sunderland; buried October 1st, 1788 at Holy Trinity, Sunderland

sp. John Speed born July 19th, 1772 & christened October 17th, 1773 at Sunderland; died Oct 22nd, 1847 & buried Oct 26th, 1847 at Bishopwearmouth

sp. Elizabeth Speed born September 17th, 1775 & christened August 5th, 1781 at Sunderland; buried September 8th, 1802 at Holy Trinity, Sunderland

sp. Ralph Speed born August 12th, 1779 & christened August 5th, 1781 at Sunderland




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