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Ann Winder [wi.2]

Ann Winder was the second child of Edmond Winder & Elizabeth Dawson christened November 9th, 1753 at St Michaels, Bray, Berks.

In 1771 Ann received a legacy of £100 from her uncle Thomas Dawson who died in that year.

Ann married Robert Henderson on April 25th, 1774 at Bray, Berks.

Robert was a carpenter & he & Ann were living at Maidenhead in the Parish of Bray, Berks when Robert wrote his last will & testament. This was written on March 5th , 1800 & he named the executors as his wife, Ann, & his brother-in-law Edmund Winder. The will, 4 pages long, was proved on July 5th , 1800. Robert was clearly a thrifty person & requested that his burial be ‘in a private manner & with as little expense as possible'. He left detailed instructions for his wife & son Robert which would enable his business to continue & yield financial benefit for them. He was anxious to provide a home & monies for his wife, son & 4 daughters & to ensure his children's education.

The children of Ann Winder & Robert Henderson were:

2.1 Elizabeth Henderson

2.2 Ann Henderson

2.3 Martha Henderson christened August 13th , 1781 at Bray, Berks

2.4 Susanna Henderson christened April 8th , 1784 at Bray, Berks

2.5 Robert Henderson christened March 5th , 1786 at Bray, Berks



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