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Edmond Winder [wi]

Tree showing lineage from Edmond Winder to great granddaughter Elizabeth Winder

Edmond Winder was christened December 7th, 1718 at St Michaels, Bray, Berkshire. He was the son of Anne & Humphry Winder, a farmer of Bray. Edmond had at least 2 brothers & 5 sisters all christened at Bray.

In Edmond’s father’s will of 1739 Edmond benefited financially to the sum of £50, plus a number of Humphrey’s possessions.  He also inherited jointly with his mother the lease of the farm, farm implements & land at Bray.  Edmond had to maintain & provide for his 4 younger sisters until they reached the age of 21.

Edmond married Elizabeth Dawson on August 4th, 1749 at St George’s Chapel, Mayfair, Middlesex. She was christened February 18th, 1723 at St Margaret’s, Chipstead, Surrey, the daughter of John Dawson & Ann Messengar.

At the time of the christenings of their children in the 1760s Edmond’s residence was given as Water Oakes or Water Oakley.  Sadly 3 of their sons died in infancy.

Edmund & Elizabeth were the executors of the will of Elizabeth’s brother, Thomas Dawson, when the will was proved on October 21st, 1771. Both were major beneficiaries of Thomas’ estate, as were their daughters, Ann & Elizabeth, who each received £100. Thomas Dawson was living at Burnham Abbey Farm, Burnham when he died & the farm came into the Winder family through the marriage of Elizabeth & Edmund.

Edmond died at Water Oakley & was buried on May 12th, 1772 at St Michael’s, Bray. 

Elizabeth died August 1781 at Burnham Abbey Farm, Burnham. Elizabeth left a will which gave the farm to her son Edmond and distributed the remainder of her estate as follows:

…I give & bequeath unto my eldest son John Winder five pounds for mourning and also five pounds per annum till some shall amount to forty pounds Also I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann Henderson and her husband Mr Robert Henderson ten pounds each for mourning Also I give and bequeath unto my son William Winder five pounds for mourning and also the sum of one hundred pounds with lawful interest for the same to be paid within one year next after my decease also the bed and furniture belonging to my son Edmond's bed chamber Also I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth five pounds for mourning and also the sum of one hundred pounds with lawful interest for the same to be paid within one year next after my decease and it is my will and desire and I do hereby give full and free liberty for my said daughter Elizabeth to lodge and board at Burnham Abbey Farm with my son Edmond as long as she shall think proper or until she marries without paying anything for the same Also I give and bequeath unto my said daughter Elizabeth my best tankard my best bed the furniture in and belonging to the hall and parlour and clock which stands in my own room I give and bequeath all my china and linen equally between William Elizabeth and Edmund Winder and my wearing apparel of all sorts to be equally divided between my two daughters Ann and Elizabeth Also I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Henderson my granddaughter the sum of fifty pounds to be paid to her when she shall arrive at her age of twenty one years or ….. of marriage which shall first happen and to be secured in the mean time when required by her parents and I also give to my said granddaughter the silver tankard without a lid and I give and bequeath unto my son Edmund all my stock and possessions of the farm and all my estates and effects of what nature or kind soever to hold to him his heirs executors administrators and adjusted subject to the payment of all my just debts all the above mentioned legacies and my funeral and testamentary expenses and I do hereby revoke and make void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made and do nominate and appoint my said son Edmond Winder sole executor of this my last will and testament…

The will was written on August 25th , 1781 and administered on August 28 th, 1781 by son Edmond.

The children of Edmond Winder & Elizabeth Dawson were:

wi.1. John Winder christened November 19th, 1751 at Bray, Berks
wi.2. Ann Winder christened November 9th, 1753 at Bray, Berks
wi.3. William Winder christened April 23rd, 1756 at Bray Berks; died 1820
wi.4. Edmund Winder christened July 17th, 1757 at St Michaels, Bray, Berks; died July 6th, 1828 at Huntercombe, Burnham
wi.5. Richard Winder christened January 19th, 1759 at Bray, Berks, died Jan 27th, 1759
wi.6. Richard Winder christened November 14th, 1760 at Bray, Berks, died February 19th, 1761
wi.7. Elizabeth Winder christened February 10th, 1762 at Bray, Berks
wi.8. James Winder christened April 17th, 1765 at Bray, Berks; buried June 25th, 1765 at St Michael’s, Bray


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