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Anna Bathsheba Winder [wi.4.8]

Anna Bathsheba was the eighth child of Edmund Winder & Elizabeth Style born January 24th, 1795 at Burnham, christened February 26th, 1795 at St Peter's Burnham.

In 1851 Anna was visiting Sarah Ewington at Church St, Burnham and recorded as a fund holder. The head of the household, Sarah Ewington (nee Rowls) was the sister of Elizabeth Rowls married to Anna’s brother Edmund Winder. Sarah was widowed & described as a proprieter of houses.

In 1861 Anna, along with her sister Charlotte (70) was living with Sarah Ewington (71) at Church Row, Burnham, next door to the Five Bells Inn. Both were unmarried & described as ‘independent’.

Anna died on December 1st, 1870, aged 74, at Burnham.  Her will was proved by John Keates of Croydon, gentleman & her effects were under £6,000.


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