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Edmund Winder [wi.4]

Edmund Winder was the fourth child of Edmond Winder & Elizabeth Dawson born at West Oakley, Bray & christened July 17th, 1757 at St Michaels, Bray, Berks.

Edmund, described as a bachelor of Burnham, married Elizabeth Style on September 8th, 1785 at St Andrew’s Wraysbury, Bucks. One of the witnesses at the wedding was Robert Style Jnr. Elizabeth was christened February 18th, 1759 at St Andrews Wraysbury, the daughter of Robert Style & Martha Pinnack. Robert & Martha had been married on June 21st, 1753 at Clewer, Berks.

Edmund had inherited Burnham Abbey Farm upon his mother's death in 1781. This was the home of Edmund & Elizabeth & the birth place of most of their children until at least 1793.

The Reading Mercury of January 15th, 1787 carried a notice that 2 of Edmund’s horses had been stolen at Christmas time.  He was offering a reward for their return of 2 guineas.  In 1798 the Wraysbury register described Edmond as the owner of horses & wagons, living in Burnham town.

In 1800 Edmund was the executor of the will of his brother-in-law Robert Henderson along with his widowed sister Ann Henderson.

The Windsor & Eton Express of December 4th, 1814 advertised the sale on December 22nd of Edmund’s household furniture & goods on his moving from his house on Dorney Common.  Among his effects were an 8-day clock, linen, china, glass & plated articles.  Also for sale were some live & dead stock, a capital wagon & 4 good carts, harrows, saddles, sacks, excellent barn implements, brewing & dairy utensils, a chaise & numerous other effects.

In 1815 Edmund posted a notice in the Windsor & Eton Express of April 23rd expressing his gratitude to his friends who ‘have so liberally contributed to the relief of his unfortunate situation, particularly those who have exerted themselves in the settlement of his affairs’. The sale of his effects amounted to £380.17s.1d of which £300 had been used to buy Navy 5-per-cents (an investment scheme of that time).

Edmund aged 71, died on July 6th, 1828 at Huntercombe, Burnham & was buried on July 11th at St Peters, Burnham.

Elizabeth died September 16th, 1840 at Burnham & was buried September 30th, 1840 at St Peters, Burnham.

Elizabeth left the following will:

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me Elizabeth Winder of Burnham in the County of Bucks, widow. First I desire my executor hereinafter named to solicit in with all xxxxx speed after my decease all and every debt and debts that may be due and owing to me from my son William or from Sarah Ewington and George John Ewington or any other person or persons whomsoever and also all other my Property and Effects of every description and after payment there out of all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses I give and bequeath unto my daughter Charlotte Winder my bed, bedstead furniture bolster two pillows three blankets and Counterpane and one pair of sheets. Unto my daughter Anna Bathsheba Winder my bed bolster two pillows three blankets and counterpane and all the rest of my furniture I give and bequeath amongst all my children equally leaving it to my Executor to make the distribution amongst them and as to all the rest and residue of my Estate and Effects I give and bequeath the same unto and amongst all my children Martha Allen, Charlotte Winder, Robert Winder, William Winder, Anna Bathsheba Winder and Maria Stevens, equally to be all divided between them share and share alike and the issue of such of them as shall be dead such issue to take their parents share but it is my express will that the said William Winder shall not be entitled to any share thereof until he has paid whatever sum of money may be due and owing from him at the time of my decease. And I appoint my son Robert Winder sole Executor of this my will and desire that he shall be answerable only for such money as actually comes into his hands and by no means for any involuntary loss or such as may happen without his wilful default or neglect and that he shall be at liberty to account and retain to himself all and every the reasonable costs, charges and expenses he may be put to in executing the trusts of this my will. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand this third day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight.
Elizabeth Winder. Signed by the Testatrix and acknowledged by her to be her will in the presence of us who at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names thereto as witnesses, Sarah Ewington Henry Flyte.

Proved at London 25th Oct 1840 before the Worshipful xxxxx Thomas Pratt Doctor of Laws and surrogate by the oath of Robert Winder the son the sole executor to whom Admon was granted having been first sworn duly to administer

It was evident that the will was to be executed by her son, Robert Winder.  However, it was left unadministered  by him.  In 1884 Elizabeth's grandson John Winder [wi.4.5.5] eventually administered the will and gained considerably from it!  

The children of Edmund Winder & Elizabeth Style were:

wi.4.1 Elizabeth Winder christened January 15th, 1787 at St Peter’s, Burnham (died as infant)
wi.4.2 Edmund Winder born December 15th, 1787 at Burnham Abbey Farm & christened January 15th, 1788 at St Peter’s, buried April 15th, 1830 at St Peter’s, Burnham
wi.4.3 Martha Winder born November 6th, 1788 at Burnham, christened December 4th, 1788 at St Peter’s, Burnham; buried March 9th, 1852 at Burnham
wi.4.4 Charlotte Winder born April 5th, 1790 at Burnham, christened May 13th, 1790 at St Peter’s, Burnham; died November 6th, 1862 at Burnham
wi.4.5 Robert Winder born July 4th, 1791 at Burnham Abbey Farm, christened July 29th, 1791 at St Peter’s, Burnham, died August 7th, 1849, buried August 11th, 1849 at All Saints, Edmonton, Middlesex
wi.4.6 Mary Anne Winder born September 8th, 1792 at Burnham Abbey Farm, christened October 25th, 1792 at St Peter’s Burnham, buried March 8th, 1827 at St Peter’s Burnham
wi.4.7 William Winder born October 24th, 1793 at Burnham Abbey Farm, christened November 21st, 1793 at St Peter’s Burnham, buried June 6th, 1841 at St Mary’s Aylesbury
wi.4.8 Anna Bathsheba Winder born January 24th, 1795 at Burnham, christened February 26th, 1795 at St Peter’s Burnham, died 1870 at Burnham
wi.4.9 Maria Winder born January 28th, 1798 at Burnham, christened February 27th, 1798 at St Peter’s Burnham; died July 21st, 1876 at Sunninghill, Berkshire


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