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Elizabeth Winder [wi.7]

Elizabeth Winder was the seventh child of Edmond Winder & Elizabeth Dawson christened February 10th, 1762 at St Michaels, Bray, Berks.

In 1771 Elizabeth received a legacy of £100 from her uncle Thomas Dawson who died in that year.

Elizabeth also benefited from her mother's will in 1781 when she received £5 for mourning and £100 to be paid to her within one year of her mother's death. She was also allowed to live at Burnham Abbey Farm with her brother Edmond until the time of her marriage. She additionally received her mother's best tankard, best bed & the furniture in the hall and parlour and her mother's clock. She also had a share of the china & linen along with her 2 brothers & her mother's clothes were divided between her & her sister Ann.

Elizabeth married John Boult on October 23rd , 1784 at Bray, Berkshire. There is a christening for John Boult on February 28th, 1758 at Bray, Berks, the son of Ann & John Boult.

(Upon the death of Edmund Rowls of Burnham in 1814 his will revealed that he and Elizabeth Winder who was to become the wife of John Boult had a natural daughter named Elizabeth Winder.  His daughter was to receive £100 upon Edmund’s death & other monies after the disposal of Edmunds’ considerable assets by his executors – John Webster & William Bayley. The exact identity of the Elizabeth Winders remains unknown.)

The children of Elizabeth Winder & John Boult were:

wi.7.1  John Boult christened September 1st , 1785 at Bray.

wi.7.2  Elizabeth Boult christened July 27th , 1786 at Bray

wi.7.3  Ann Boult born November 25th , 1788 & christened December 19th , 1788 at Bray

wi.7.4  Sarah Boult born November 27th , 1791 & christened December 9th , 1791 at Bray


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