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Cuthbert Pallister [p.1.6.1]

Cuthbert Pallister was the first child of Peter Pallister & Hannah Garthwaite christened December 14th, 1751 at Lanchester.

Cuthbert married Mary Lowes on June 12th, 1790 at Stanhope. Cuthbert was of the parish of Lanchester & Mary was of the parish of Stanhope. Witnesses at the wedding were Thomas Todd & William Whinney. Mary was christened April 13th, 1755 at Stanhope, the daughter of Mary & Nicholas Lowes.

At the time of the christening of their daughter Margaret, Cuthbert & Mary were living at Iveston, nr Lanchester. Cuthbert was a joiner & later in life lived at Hagg Hill in the parish of Ryton.

Christening of daughter Margaret at All Saints, Lanchester 1792

Cuthbert of Iveston was listed in the Poll Books of 1790 as being the freeholder of house & land in Lanchester hamlets.

After the death of his grandfather, Nicholas Garthwaite of Wolsingham, his will written in 1788 was proved in 1796 from which Cuthbert benefited greatly. Cuthbert, a joiner of Lanchester received all Nicholas’ copyhold houses in Wolsingham as well Nicholas’ own house after his death & that of Jane his wife.  This was subject to Cuthbert paying £6 per year to Nicholas & Jane while they survived.  Cuthbert was given a clock, & he & his 4 brothers & William Maughan were to share all of Nicholas’ wearing apparel.  A third share of all Nicholas’ goods, chattels, household furniture etc was to go to Cuthbert, half of which he was to share with his brothers & sisters.

Cuthbert also benefited financially from his father’s will written in 1805.

Cuthbert wrote a will on May 13th, 1822 in which he bequeathed his household furniture to his wife Mary & daughter Margaret in equal shares. He requested his joiners tools & implements of trade be divided between his brother John Pallister & George Spour, a joiner of Newcastle. He bequeathed his wearing apparel to his younger brother Thomas & gave to his executors – John Cox of Crook Hill, Ryton & George Spour - the sum of £5 each. He gave his 2 copyhold houses situated in Wolsingham & his freehold house & land at Langley Lane to his executors. He also gave them all other personal effects. They were to administer these properties & invest the profits which were to be given to his wife who was to receive £20 per year from these profits. Any extra monies generated were to be used to pay his daughter, or her children, £20 per year. Should his daughter Margaret not have children the monies were to go to the children of his late sister Ann Curtis, of his late brother Peter Pallister, of his brothers William, John & Thomas Pallister, & of his sister Margaret Douglas.

Cuthbert died in 1823, aged 73 & was buried on November 18th, 1823 at Holy Cross, Ryton. It was noted that Cuthbert was of Axwell Park, Ryton.

The witnesses to the will were John Alderson, Joseph Appleby & James Mitford. The will was proved April 3rd, 1824 by executors John Cox & George Spour.

In 1841 Mary, now aged 85, was living at Swalwell, nr Whickham & she had a female servant. Living nearby was her son-in-law Thomas Hodgshorn who had married daughter Margaret. Margaret had died earlier that year at Swalwell.

Mary died in Jan-March 1842, aged 88, her death being registered in Gateshead, Co Durham.

The children of Cuthbert Pallister & Mary Lowes were:

p. Margaret Pallister born at Iveston & christened June 17th, 1792 at Lanchester; buried February 14th, 1841 at Whickham


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