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Peter Pallister [p.1.6]

Peter Pallister was the sixth child of Cuthbert Pallister & Margaret Oxley born at Langley Loning, Lanchester & christened June 29th, 1720 at Lanchester, Co. Durham

Peter married Hannah Garthwaite on December 27th, 1750 at Lanchester. Hannah was christened August 12th, 1728 at Lanchester, the daughter of Nicholas Garthwaite.

In 1761 Peter was listed in the Poll Books as living at Well Loaning House, Lanchester where he was freeholder of houses and land.

Hannah died, aged 56, in December 1784 at Fenn Hall, Lanchester & was buried December 8th, 1784 at All Saints, Lanchester.

Record of Hannah's burial from Bishop's transcripts for Lanchester in 1784

After the death of Hannah’s father, Nicholas Garthwaite of Wolsingham, his will was proved in 1796 from which Peter & Hannah’s children benefited, especially grandson Cuthbert. 

The children of Peter Pallister & Hannah Garthwaite were:

p.1.6.1 Cuthbert Pallister christened December 14th, 1751 at Lanchester; died in November 1823 at Axwell Park, Ryton & buried November 18th, 1823 at Holy Cross, Ryton
p.1.6.2 Jane Pallister christened April 10th, 1754 at Lanchester
p.1.6.3 William Pallister christened May 28th, 1757 at Lanchester; buried February 22nd, 1837 at Holy Trinity, Washington, Co. Durham
p.1.6.4 Ann Pallister christened February 26th, 1759 at Lanchester, died May 3rd at Greencroft, Lanchester, buried May 6th, 1802 at All Saints, Lanchester
p.1.6.5 John Pallister christened February 8th, 1762 at Lanchester, died May 1831 at Ormsby Hill, Lanchester & buried May 18th, 1831 at All Saints, Lanchester
p.1.6.6 Peter Pallister christened March 16th, 1764 at Lanchester, buried December 1st, 1820 at All Saints, Lanchester
p.1.6.7 Margaret Pallister christened August 6th, 1766 at Lanchester; died Jan-March 1841 at Washington, Co Durham
p.1.6.8 Thomas Pallister christened December 28th, 1770 at Lanchester; died Jan-March 1855 at Chester-le-Street

Peter of Fen Hall is listed in the Poll Books of 1790 as being a freeholder of lands in Lanchester hamlets.

It appears from Peter’s will (see below) that he remarried. There is a record of a marriage of Peter Pallister to Barbara Congerton on May 3rd, 1790 at Monk Hesleden, Co Durham.

Peter & Barbara's marriage record in Bishop's Transcripts for Monk Hesledon, 1790

Peter wrote his will on February 13th 1805 in which he was described as a joiner of Fenhall, Lanchester. In his will he left to his son John Pallister & his heirs his freehold estate called ‘Spitofall’ & made John his executor. It appears from the will that Peter had remarried since he bequeathed to his wife Barbary Pallister all the rents & profits of Langley Lane. He also left her the sum of 20 shillings to be paid to her annually out of the estate of Spitofall. She was also to receive £20 to be paid to her by his son Cuthbert out of ‘that money which is now in the hands of Mr Labron’, & all the household furniture. On the death of his wife the monies from Peter’s freehold estate at Langley Lane were to go to his son Cuthbert who was also to receive £15 & an additional £20 which was in the hands of Mr Labron. He gave to his son William £10 & also to William’s 4 sons Robert, William, Peter & Cuthbert the sum of £5 each. If any of the 4 were to die before reaching 21 years of age the legacy was to go to their sister Hannah. He bequeathed to his son Peter £10 & to his son John £5. His other son Thomas was to receive £26. Peter stipulated that ‘all & everyone of my sons do quit all demands that they may have on my son Thomas Pallister’ – an intriguing statement!

Peter died June 27th, 1809, aged 89 & was buried June 30th, 1809 at Lanchester.

Peter's death & burial recorded in Bishops Transcripts for Lanchester 1809

On October 26th 1809 William Tinmouth, one of the witnesses to the will, was sworn to execute the will along with son John Pallister, the sole executor.


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