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Thomas Stainsby [sb]

Tree showing lineage from Thomas Stainsby to great granddaughter Mary Emily Stainsby

Thomas Stainsby was born c1771. He married Elizabeth Sunley by licence on December 26th, 1801 at Ellerburn, Yorkshire. Thomas was of the parish of Pickering & a servant & Elizabeth was from the parish of Ellerburn. Elizabeth was born at West Ness & christened September 30th, 1778 at The Minster, Stonegrave, Yorks, daughter of Jane Brewer & John Sunley.

The Minster, Stonegrave - 2006

Thomas & Elizabeth had 10 children from 1802 to 1818. These children included two boys Robert & William, both christened September 15th, 1816 at Pickering, both of whom died in infancy. They appear to have lived at Pickering for most of this time, but daughter Mary & son Thomas (1809-1810) were christened at Kirkbymoorside (8 miles from Pickering).

Thomas died aged 53 in 1824 & was buried at St Peter’s, Pickering on May 17th, 1824.

In 1841 widow Elizabeth was living at Westgate, Pickering & described as a female labourer. With her was John Stainsby, aged 11. Also living with them was Edward Atkinson (25), described as a sawer.

Elizabeth was still living at Westgate in 1851, aged 77, & was described as a pauper (labourer’s widow). Living with her was son William (30), a cartwright, & his wife Adah & their children Zillah (4) & Thomas (1). John Stainsby (19), now recorded as Elizabeth’s grandson, was also still living with her & he was an agricultural labourer. John was born in Stockton & there is a christening record for John Stainsby in Stockton on April 10th, 1831, the son of Rachael Stainsby.  This was presumably Thomas & Elizabeth’s daughter Rachael but what happened to Rachael is unknown.  Living nearby in Westgate was Elizabeth’s son Robert & wife Elizabeth & their 5 children.

In 1861 Elizabeth was still at Pickering, but now living at North Side Potter Hill, & she is described as ‘formerly a servant’ in the census & her age given as 83. With her at the time of the census were her married son John (55), a butcher, & a boarder Hannah Foster, a 24 year old dressmaker.

In 1871 Elizabeth was living at 59 Price St, York, with her widowed son William Stainsby, a house carpenter, & his children. Elizabeth’s age was given as 92!

Elizabeth died on October 30th, 1871, aged 93, at the home of son William, Price St, York.

The children of Thomas Stainsby & Elizabeth Sonley were:

sb.1. Jane Stainsby christened September 30th, 1802 at St Peter’s, Pickering, Yorks
sb.2. Rachel Stainsby christened March 30th, 1804 at St Peter’s, Pickering (daur of Thomas & Elizabeth Stansby)
sb.3. John Stainsby christened June 22nd, 1806 at St Peter’s, Pickering; died June 29th, 1883 & buried July 2nd, 1883 at St John's, Sneaton, Whitby
sb.4. Joseph Stainsby christened November 1st, 1807 at St Peter’s, Pickering, died February 9th 1831 & buried February 11th, 1831 at St Peter’s, Pickering
sb.5. Mary Stainsby born January 1st, 1809, christened (Stainby) February 26th, 1809 at All Saints, Kirkbymoorside, Yorks
sb.6. Thomas Stainsby born October 17th, 1810, christened November 18th, 1810 at All Saints, Kirkbymoorside, Yorks; died February 6th, 1878 at Linthorpe, Middlesbrough
sb.7. Robert Stainsby christened September 15th, 1816 at St Peter’s, Pickering, (buried November 1st 1817 at St Peter’s, Pickering?)
sb.8. William Stainsby christened September 15th, 1816 at St Peter’s, Pickering, buried June 6th, 1817 at St Peter’s, Pickering
sb.9. Robert Stainsby christened August 18th, 1818 at St Peter’s, Pickering (son of Thomas & Betty Stainsby); died May 20th, 1886 at Fryton, Yorks
sb.10. William Stainsby christened June 17th, 1821 at St Peter’s, Pickering, Yorks; died December 21st, 1890 at 11 Victoria St, Bishophill, York


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