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George Barnett [b.2.4]

George Barnett was the fourth child of Thomas Barnett and Sarah Williams, born in Remenham in 1786 and christened on April 30th, 1786 at Remenham, Bucks.

George married Mary Brangwin, daughter of Edmund Brangwin and Mary Deane of Hambleden, Bucks, on July 13th, 1809 at St Mary’s Hambleden. Mary was baptised on November 12th, 1786 at Hambleden, Bucks. The marriage licence was issued to George Barnett and Edmund Brangwin, Mary’s father. George’s place of abode was given as Remenham, Berks, while Edmund was of Hambleden, Bucks. The licence was issued on July 12th in the forty ninth year of the reign of George the third, in other words 1809. The signatures of George and Edmund appear at the bottom of the document.
Witnesses at the wedding were Mary Barnett (George's sister), Elizabeth Brangwin (Mary's sister) & F.... Brangwin (possibly Mary's uncle Francis).

On April 24th, 1830 a declaration appeared in Perry’s Bankrupt Gazette naming George Barnett & Abraham Brangwin, farmers at Harpsden.

George died on February 18th, 1831 at Harpsden, Oxfordshire at the age of 46. His burial is listed in the Rotherfield Greys Independent Chapel register and states that he lived at Upper House Farm. He was buried in Vault No 7 at the chapel, as were his sons Francis and Henry.
A transcipt of George's Will is held in the Oxford County Archives. Probate was granted on June 4th, 1831 in Oxford. His occupation was given as farmer. Property included in the will was Upper House Farm, Harpsden, Oxon.

Daughter Mary married Joseph Hobbs Jnr of Langton’s farm, Cookham at St Margaret’s, Harpsden on January 23rd, 1833.

In 1841 Mary was living at Hart St, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon with son Daniel and daughter Eliza. Her occupation is given as butcher and her age was 50.

On December 31st, 1844 son William married Louisa Tyler at St. Luke, Brislington, Somerset.  William, Louisa & daughter emigrated to Victoria Australia in 1854, but sadly Louisa died of dysentery 2 weeks after her arrival.  William, a builder, married again later that year, his second wife being Ann Reeves (his late wife's niece).

Daughter Letitia was the next to marry on July 2nd 1848 at St Pancras, Middlesex.  She married Henry Hewett, a widowed farmer.  Letitia & Henry emigrate to Australia in 1852 with 3 of their own children & 3 from Henry’s first marriage.  She died soon after arriving in Australia.

Son Daniel married Elizabeth Dreweatt on April 19th, 1849 at St Mary’s, Reading.  They were to emigrate to Victoria, Australia later that year.

At the time of the 1851 census Mary was visiting Isaac Eane, a farmer of Red Barn in Great Marlow, Bucks. On June 18th, 1851 youngest daughter Eliza married Trew Jegon, a slate quarry proprietor, of Epson Court, Surrey, at Cookham Church. Son George also married in 1851, his wife being Sarah Ody.  After the death of his wife c1881, George emigrated to Ohio in 1882 where he lived with his nephew Henry Barnett & family until his death.

On June 28th, 1852 son James, a brewer, married Eliza Cooke (nee Colling) at St Pancras, Camden.  Later that year they emigrated to Ohio, USA, where James had previously lived for several years & where he bought a farm in Hinkley Township, Ohio.  James had returned to England in 1842.

Mary, aged 75,  died on January 24th, 1861 at Chalvey Park, Slough, the residence of her son-in-law, Trew Jegon (husband of Eliza). A reference to her death was found in a letter dated November 5th, 1861 from her daughter Mary to brother James:
It is now getting on twelve months since we lost our dear mother. But it was a happy thing for us to think she was surrounded by every comfort in her last, and that her end appeared peace.

The children of George Barnett and Mary Brangwin were:

b.2.4.1 Henry Barnett born November 28th, 1809 & christened December 24th, 1809 at Hambleden; buried June 11th, 1836 at Rotherfield Greys Independent Chapel

b.2.4.2 Martha Barnett born September 13th, 1811 & christened September 30th, 1811 at Pheasant's Hill Independent Chapel Hambleden; buried October 3rd, 1811 at Hambleden

b.2.4.3 Mary Barnett born August 25th, 1812 & christened September 19th, 1812 at Pheasant's Hill Independent Chapel, Hambleden; died August 26th, 1880 & buried at Cookham Churchyard

b.2.4.4 James Barnett born July 24th, 1814 & christened October 23rd, 1814 at Pheasant's Hill Independent Chapel, Hambleden; died August 22nd, 1888 at Providence Township, Lucas County, Ohio, USA & buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Ohio, USA

b.2.4.5 Daniel Barnett born July 22nd, 1816 & christened January 12th, 1817 at Pheasant's Hill Independent Chapel, Hambleden; died April 22nd, 1895 at South Brighton & buried April 23rd, 1895 at Old Cheltenham Cemetery, Australia

b.2.4.6 Juliana Barnett born May 21st, 1818 at Harpsden, Oxon & christened November 10th, 1818 at Rotherfield Greys Independent Chapel, Oxon; died April 7th, 1903 at Anerley, Surrey

b.2.4.7 William Barnett born May 4th, 1820 at Harpsden, Oxon & christened October 29th, 1820 at Rotherfield Greys Independent Chapel, Oxon; died January 5th, 1893 at South Brighton, Victoria, Australia

b.2.4.8 Letitia Barnett born March 12th, 1822 at Harpsden, Oxon & christened April 4th, 1822 at Pheasant's Hill Independent Chapel, Hambleden; died December 12th 1852 in Kyneton, Australia

b.2.4.9 Francis Barnett born February 1st, 1824 at Harpsden, Oxon & christened January 16th, 1825 at Rotherfield Greys Independent Chapel, Oxon; died June 1833 & buried June 4th, 1833 at Rotherfield Greys Independent Chapel, Oxon

b.2.4.10 George Barnett born July 24th, 1826 at Harpsden, Oxon & christened September 10th, 1826 at Rotherfield Greys Independent Chapel, Oxon; died May 18th, 1902 & buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Ohio, USA

b.2.4.11 Eliza Barnett born May 17th, 1828 at Harpsden Oxon & christened September 14th, 1828 at Rotherfield Greys Independent Chapel, Oxon; died August 19th, 1902 at Lemington Spa


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