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John Ellis [el.6]

John Ellis was the sixth child of John Ellis & Ellen (Helen) Wright christened June 17th, 1782 at Tibshelf, Derbyshire, the same day as brother William.

John married Sarah Reynolds on March 1st, 1802 at Tibshelf. Sarah was born 1783 at Tibshelf.

After having had 8 children Sarah, aged 39, died after the birth of daughter Mary Ellis in 1822.  Sarah was buried on January 17th, 1822 at St John the Baptist, Tibshelf, the same day as daughter Mary was christened. There is a death recorded for an infant, Mary Ellis, buried on July 20th, 1823 at Tibshelf.

By 1841 widowed John, a coal miner, was living at Tibshelf. His daughter Ann (36), & husband John Ashley (38), also a coal miner, were living with him. Their children William (14), Hannah (9), Mary (7), John (4), & Samuel (2) were all living with their grandfather. Living next door was John's cousin, Benjamin Ellis & his family.

John was still living at Tibshelf in 1851, at Back Lane, & was described as a 70 year old widower & his occupation was given as (pauper) coal miner. His daughter Ann Ashley (45), who was now widowed, was a hose seamer & still living with her father. Her children still at home were John & Samuel, both coal miners, & their younger sister Ann who was 7 years old. Ann’s granddaughter was also with them – Mary Ann Cluse, aged 3. Mary Ann was the child of Ann’s first daughter, Sarah Ashley who had married Hiram Clowes in 1847.

John was buried on August 27th, 1854 at St John the Baptist, Tibshelf.

The children of John Ellis & Sarah Reynolds were:

el.6.1 John Ellis christened July 28th, 1803 at Tibshelf, Derby; died in 1872 at Ripley, Derbyshire
el.6.2 Ann Ellis christened February 21st, 1805 at Tibshelf, Derby; died June 19th,1870 at Tibshelf
el.6.3 Richard Ellis christened March 27th, 1808 at Tibshelf, Derby; died June 26th & buried June 28th, 1857 at St Peter’s, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
el.6.4 Humphrey Ellis christened February 20th, 1810 at Tibshelf, Derby; died at Newton, Blackwell & buried September 22nd 1878 at Tibshelf, Derbyshire
el.6.5 William Ellis christened June 19th, 1814 at Tibshelf, Derby; died April-June 1878 at Chesterfield
el.6.6 George Ellis christened April 13th, 1817 at Tibshelf, Derby, died November 13th, 1817
el.6.7 Samuel Ellis christened December 13th, 1818 at Tibshelf, Derby
el.6.8 Mary Ellis christened January 17th, 1822 at Tibshelf, Derby; buried July 20th, 1823 at St John the Baptist, Tibshelf


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