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The Smeed family begins with [sm] William Smeed - click on him to see tree of descendants


[sm] William Smeed 1791-1880 m. Caroline Turner 1796-1871


[sm.1] William Smeed 1815-1871 m. Elizabeth Wood c1810-1859


[sm.1.1] William Smeed 1838-1892 m. Mary Ba(y)field c1835-

[sm.1.1.1] Mary Smeed 1861- m. Alfred Cole

[sm.1.1.2] Elizabeth Catherine Smeed 1865-1902 m. John Thomas Gorvin

[sm.1.1.3] Charlotte Ann Smeed 1867-1867

[sm.1.1.4] William Smeed 1869-1875

[sm.1.1.5] Emily Smeed 1874-1874


[sm.1.2] John Smeed 1840-1887 m. Ellen Eliza Revell 1844-1934

[sm.1.2.1] Ellen Smeed 1866-1867

[sm.1.2.2] Ada Smeed 1868-1956 m. Henry Heard

[sm.1.2.3] John Joseph Smeed 1871-1950 m.(1) Emily Hardwidge (2) Daisy Lilian Bell

[sm.1.2.4] Elizabeth Ann Smeed 1873-1973 m. Richard Render Jones

[sm.1.2.5] William Harry Smeed 1877-1920 m. Mary Fanny Monk

[sm.1.2.6] Alfred Benjamin Smeed 1879-1941 m. Elizabeth Eleanor Jones

[sm.1.2.7] Marion Smeed 1882- m. Frederick Poole

[sm.1.2.8] Edward James Smeed 1886-1973 m. Ada Lena Jane Walton


[sm.1.3] Mary Ann Smeed 1841-1841

[sm.1.4] Mary Ann Smeed 1842-1843

[sm.1.5] Elizabeth Smeed 1845- m. Alfred Benjamin Langston 1844-1922

[sm.1.6] Ann Smeed 1849-1878 m. Samuel Spurdens 1845-1913


[sm.2] Elizabeth Smeed 1817-1898 m. Richard Dunmall 1832-1900

[sm.2.1] James Smeed 1839-1933 m. Amy Simmons 1843-1903

[sm.2.1.1] Mabel Mary Caroline (Simmons) Smeed 1876- m. Charles Edward Everett c1874-

[sm.2.1.2] Harry Thomas Smeed 1879-1900

[sm.2.1.3] Enid Norah Smeed 1881-1960

[sm.2.1.4] George Hubert Smeed 1883-1965 m. Kathleen (Kitty) Ford c1883-1985


[sm.3] Thomas Smeed 1819-1905 m. Sarah Dray 1819-1902

[sm.3.1] Thomas Smeed c1850-1891 m. Marion Frances Harper 1852-1940

[sm.3.2] Ellen Smeed c1851-1908 m. Mr Morison

[sm.3.3] Alfred Smeed 1852-1947 m. (1) Lillian Josephine Marie Mulligan c1860-1924

(2) Charlotte Sophia Lawrence 1873-1949

[sm.3.3.1] Alfred Howard Smeed 1882-1917 m. Elizabeth Hetty Warner 1880-

[sm.] Norah Lilian Emily Smeed 1900-1968 m. Stuart R Ross 1903-


[sm.3.4] Clement Smeed 1855-1916 m. Eliza Mansfield Mills 1860-1952

[sm.3.4.1] Ellen Elizabeth Smeed 1878-1965 m. Richard Theodore Hartman

[sm.3.4.2] Kathleen Elsie Smeed 1881-1963 m. Percy Thomas Hills

[sm.3.4.3] Marie Clarissa Smeed 1883-1951 m. Eric W J Woodcock.

[sm.3.4.4] Richard George Benjamin Smeed 1885-1976 m. Alice Cecilia Cowell

[sm.3.4.5] Clement Onslow Smeed 1888-1951 m. Mary Reid

[sm.3.4.6] Gordon Thomas Smeed 1891-1923

[sm.3.4.7] John Harold Smeed 1894-1979

[sm.3.4.8] Irene Isabel Smeed 1896-1971 m. Archibald George Perrin

[sm.3.4.9] Alfred Leslie Smeed 1900-1981 m. Gladys Jones


[sm.3.5] Clara Smeed 1857-1939 m. Francis Lowe c1861-1938

[sm.3.6] Benjamin Smeed 1859- m. Leah Collett -1931

[sm.3.7] George Edward Smeed 1861-1949 m. Mabel Sarah Heasman 1881-1951

[sm.3.7.1] Mary Smeed 1916-1968 m. Stuart Cecil Gouldsmith 1914-


[sm.4] George Smeed 1821-1897 m. Mary Brooker 1810-1885

[sm.5] Sarah Smeed 1823-1895 m. Samuel Fry [f.2.6] 1821-1886

[sm.6] James Smeed 1825-1889


[sm.7] Robert Smeed 1827-1904 m. Esther Bridgman 1827-1898

[sm.7.1] Esther Smeed 1850- m. John David Howell c1843-

[sm.7.2] Mary Jane Smeed 1852-1926 m. Henry Harrison c1851-1928


[sm.7.3] Walter Robert Smeed 1855-1886 m. (1) Sarah Jane Smith c1858-1877 (2) Jane Johnson c1855-

[sm.7.3.1] Walter John Smeed 1876-1877

[sm.7.3.2] Alice Maud Jane Smeed 1879-1955 m. Frank Benjamin Emery

[sm.7.3.3] Walter Sidney Smeed 1881-

[sm.7.3.4] Amy Florence Smeed 1883-1886

[sm.7.3.5] Norah Violet Smeed 1886-1962 m. Leopold McManus


[sm.7.4] Kate Ann Smeed 1857-1857

[sm.7.5] Albert Edward Smeed 1859-1865

[sm.7.6] Ernest Alfred Smeed 1865-1866

[sm.7.7] Caroline Alberta Smeed 1867-1877


[sm.8] Ann Smeed 1829-1912 m. William Lucas c1831-1909

[sm.9] John Smeed 1831-1850


[sm.10] Charles Smeed 1833-1916 m. Ellen Lindfield 1842-1912


[sm.10.1] Charles Smeed 1865-1942 m. Ann Maria Burt 1866-1943

[sm.10.1.1] Audrey Madelaine Smeed 1888-1970

[sm.10.1.2] Charles Smeed 1890-1979 m. Frances Maud Tester 1893-1965

[sm.10.1.3] Percy Oswald Smeed 1892-1969

[sm.10.1.4] Beatrice Violet Smeed 1896-1983 m. Reginald George Hewitt Nash 1899-1966

[sm.10.1.5] Cicely Ellen Smeed 1898-1979 m. Reginald Victor Swann 1897-1965

[sm.10.1.6] Evelyn Elsie Smeed 1905-1989 m. Hubert Hamilton 1891-1952

[sm.10.1.7] Doris Florence Smeed 1907-1984 m. Duncan Cowen Bowen 1911-1975


[sm.10.2] Bernard Smeed 1867-1867

[sm.10.3] Herbert Smeed 1867-1867

[sm.10.4] Albert Smeed 1868-1944 m. Agnes Amelia Fry [f.3.1.9]1868-1940

[sm.10.5] Emma Ann Smeed 1871-1949


[sm.10.6] John William Smeed 1873-1940 m. Clarissa Amy Burchett 1872-1954

[sm.10.6.1] John Lancelot Smeed 1893-1918 m. Agnes Baigrie 1893-

[sm.10.6.2] Bernard William Smeed 1895- m. Agnes Smeed (nee Baigrie) 1893-


[sm.10.6.3] Ralph Charles Smeed 1897-1986 m. Violet Ena Perry 1913-1992

[sm.] Male Smeed 1935-1935

[sm.] John Ralph Charles Smeed 1936-2015


[sm.10.6.4] Ernest Powell Smeed 1900-1901

[sm.10.6.5] Albert Leslie Smeed 1902-1972 m. Ellen M Agate

[sm.10.6.6] Clarice Evelyn Smeed 1907-2005 m. William H Andrews

[sm.10.6.7] Hilda Florence Smeed 1910-1987 m. Albert E Berry


[sm.10.7] Evelyn Elsie Smeed 1876-1900 m. William Richard Grayling 1868- 1917


[sm.11] Edward Smeed 1835-1917 m. Sarah Ann Hayward 1836-1901

[sm.11.1] Edward Smeed 1860-1883

[sm.11.2] William James Smeed 1862-1918 m. Jean Florence Hough 1873-1938

[sm.11.3] Kate Smeed 1863- m. Samuel Reuben Schofield 1867-

[sm.11.4] Alice Smeed 1865-1931 m. David Henry Goldsmith 1868-1945

[sm.11.5] Mary Smeed 1867-1927 m. Charles Baldwin 1868-1935

[sm.11.6] Caroline Ann Smeed 1868-1942

[sm.11.7] Elizabeth Smeed 1870-1949 m. John Frederick Ford 1868-1946

[sm.11.8] Edith Sarah Smeed 1872-1888

[sm.11.9] Emily Ethel Smeed 1873-1936 m. James Marr

[sm.11.10] George Frederick Smeed 1874-1959 m. Florence Eunice Jessie Cheesmer 1896-1964

[sm.11.11] Thomas Henry Smeed 1875-1960 m. Florence Jane Neaves 1890-1979

[sm.11.11.1] Edward Rahmond L Smeed 1920-2010 m. Violet A Line


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