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Robert Pallister [p.]

Robert Pallister was the ninth child of Peter Pallister & Catherine Gerry born April 26th, 1841 at Wrekenton, & christened May 19th, 1841 at Gateshead Fell, Co Durham.

Robert was living with his parents & sisters at Wrekenton in 1851.

Robert was still at home with his mother & father & sister Catherine in 1861 at Wrekenton. Robert was a blacksmith’s apprentice.

Robert married Margaret Roscamp on June 19th, 1864, at Holy Trinity, Pelton, Chester-le-Street. Margaret was born October 18 th , 1842 at Haswell, Co Durham, the daughter of Ann Hunter & Robert Roscamp. Robert Rosecamp was a collier at the coal mine at Haswell who was killed in a mining accident along with his brother William on September 28 th , 1844. The cause of the accident was an explosion & 95 lives were lost.

In 1871 Robert & Margaret were living at Boundary House, Gateshead, Co Durham. They had 3 children – Catherine (6), Anne (5) & Robert, 13 days old. Robert was now a blacksmith. Living in the same dwelling were Robert’s parents & his sister Catherine with her 9 year old son Joseph.

Robert & Margaret were still at Boundary House in 1881 with 6 children at home – Anne, Robert, John (7), Mary Hannah (5), Peter (4) & Barbara (1). Peter was described in the census as an annuitant. Daughter Catherine was working as a servant in the home of Henrietta Carrick & family in Whitley, Tynemouth, Northumberland. Living with them was a 16 year old blacksmith’s apprentice Henry Pearson.

By 1891 Robert & Margaret were living at Coach Road, Gateshead & Robert was still a blacksmith. At home were Robert, a general cartman, John, a school teacher, Peter, a blacksmith’s apprentice, Barbara & new arrival William (6). Daughter Ann who had married John Rutter Crone, a colliery coal weighman, in 1888 was living next door with their 2 year old son John. Daughter Mary was now a general servant for her father's uncle, John Pallister [p.], a retired farmer, at Gateshead.

Robert died on November 21st 1895, aged 54, at Wrekenton & was buried at St Thomas, Eighton Banks, Gateshead on November 24th, 1895.

In 1901 widowed Margaret was still at Coach Road with children Robert, Peter, a railway mineral guard, Barbara, a dressmaker & William, an apprentice railway blacksmith. Near neighbours were Margaret's sister-in-law, Catherine Blythman & her husband Richard. Margaret's nephew Joseph Pallister & his family were immediate neighbours.

Son John Pallister had become a clergyman in the Church of England by 1901& was living at 34 Russell St, Stockton.

Daughter Mary Hannah had married John Potts Marley, a coal hewer, in 1897. In 1901 they were living at Springwell Rd, Gateshead with their 2 sons - Robert Pallister Marley & George Marley.

Margaret was living at Eighton Banks, Wrekenton in 1911 with son Robert, a labourer at the grindstone quarry works & daughter Barbara, a domestic worker.

Son William had married Emily Johnson in 1908 & in 1911 he & Emily were living at Jingling Gate Cottages, Jingling Gate by Pelaw, Gateshead. They had a 3 year old son Robert William.

Son Peter Pallister had married Margaret (Maggie) James in 1905 & they were living at Eighton Banks in 1911 with their 5 year old daughter Isobel & Maggie's widowed father, Thomas James. Peter was described as a ‘railwayman breaking incline above ground'.  

Daughter Mary Hannah & husband John Marley were still at Springwell Rd, Wrekenton in 1911 & they now had 5 sons – Robert, George, William, John & Albert.

Margaret of 13 Galloping Green Rd, Eighton Banks, died in 1928, aged 85, & was buried on April 9th, 1928 at St Thomas, Eighton Banks.

The 1939 register shows son Peter & his wife Margaret living at 7 Belmont Terrace, Springwell, Washington.  Peter was still working as a railway brakesman at the colliery.  Next door at 6 Belmont Terrace was Peter’s brother William, a colliery hauling engine man, & his wife Emily with their son Robert W (31) who was a locomotive fitter at the colliery. 

The children of Robert Pallister & Margaret Roscamp were:

p. Catherine Pallister born July 31st, 1864 at Wrekenton & christened August 19th, 1864 at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham; died January 31st, 1946 at 8 Turnbull Terace, Springwell, Co Durham
p. Ann Pallister born at Wrekenton in 1866 & christened April 1st, 1866 at Eighton Banks, Gateshead, Co Durham; died October 6th, 1933 at Belmont House, Springwell Terr, Wrekenton, Co Durham
p. Hannah Pallister christened May 17th, 1868 at Eighton Banks, Gateshead, Co Durham, buried October 3rd, 1869 at St Thomas, Eighton Banks, Co Durham
p. Robert Pallister born March 19th, 1871 at Wrekenton in 1871 & christened March 29th, 1871 at Eighton Banks, Gateshead, Co Durham
p. John Pallister born November 16th, 1873 at Wrekenton & christened December 14th, 1873 at Eighton Banks, Gateshead, Co Durham; died July 16th, 1949 at The Rectory, Great Dunham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk
p. Mary Hannah Pallister born July 12th, 1875 at Wrekenton in 1875 & christened August 8th, 1875 at Eighton Banks, Gateshead, Co Durham; buried April 2nd, 1947 at St Thomas, Eighton Banks, Gateshead.
p. Peter Pallister born February 10th 1877 at Wrekenton & christened March 4th, 1877 at Eighton Banks, Gateshead, Co Durham; died April-June 1949 at Durham Northern
p. Barbara Pallister born Jan-March 1880 at Wrekenton, Gateshead, Co Durham
p. William Pallister born April 20th, 1884 at Wrekenton, Gateshead, Co Durham; died November 20th, 1965 at 6 Belmont Terrace, Springwell, Co Durham


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