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Benjamin Stone [st.1.4]

Benjamin Stone was the fourth child of William Stone & Ann christened February 27th, 1825 at Tipton, Staffs.

Benjamin married Sarah Duffell on December 25th, 1846 at Christ Church, West Bromwich, Staffs.  Witnesses at the wedding were Benjamin’s sister Mary Ann & her future husband, Richard Price.  Sarah signed her name but Benjamin made his mark on the register.  Sarah was christened June 17th, 1827 at All Saints, West Bromwich, the daughter of Hannah & Thomas Duffell, a cordwainer.

In 1851 Benjamin & Sarah were living at Guns Lane, West Bromwich & Benjamin was an iron puddler. They had 2 children – Miranda (2) & Benjamin (3 weeks) at home, & their 3 year old son Isaiah was visiting his grandmother Hannah Duffell at Moor St, West Bromwich at the time of the census. Living nearby in Guns Lane were Benjamin’s brother Joseph & sister Mary Ann & their families.

By 1861 Benjamin & Sarah had moved to Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire & were living at 20 New St with their 6 children – Isaiah (13), Miranda (11), Benjamin (listed as aged 7 on census but should be 10 years old), Robert (5), Sarah (2) & William who had just been born. Benjamin was still an iron puddler.

Daughter Miranda married Arthur Ford on September 20th, 1869 at Wolstanton.

By 1871 Benjamin & Sarah had returned to Staffordshire & were living at Birks’s Row, Knutton, Wolstanton. Benjamin & sons Isaiah & Robert were all puddlers at the iron works. Also at home were Sarah, William, Joseph (8), Mary A (6), Charles (3) & Catherine (7 months). Son Benjamin, a shingler, was visiting his uncle John Stone & family who were living at Pendleton, Lancs at the time of the census.

Son Isaiah married Elizabeth Beckett on October 30th, 1871 at Wolstanton. They were to have 2 sons, John & Abel, both christened October 11th, 1874 at Knutton.

Son Benjamin married Susannah Whitehouse on August 3rd, 1874 at Wolstanton.

Son Robert married Victoria Elizabeth Boulton in Jan-March 1880 at Wolstanton.

Benjamin & Sarah were still at Birks Row, number 4, in 1881 & Benjamin was described as an iron worker. Also at home were Sarah, William, an engine driver, Joseph, an ironworks labourer, Mary A, Charles & Catherine. Also with them was son Benjamin, whose wife Susannah had sadly died aged 24, in 1875, soon after giving birth to a son Alfred.  Little Alfred, now 5, was with his father & grandparents at the time of the census.  Son Benjamin married again on October 29th, 1881 at Wolstanton & his second wife was Hannah Jones.  Oldest son Isaiah, an iron worker, was boarding with Arthur & Miranda Ford at number 7 Birks Row - Miranda was Isaiah's sister .  Isaiah’s son, Abel (8), was with his father but listed as Abel Ford.

Daughter Sarah married William Henry Elks, a grocer & baker, in Oct-December 1883 in Newcastle-under-Lyme.  Sadly Sarah died early in 1884.

Benjamin was still working as a puddler in 1891 & he & Sarah were still living at the same address. There was only son Charles left at home who was a general labourer & grandson Alfred was still living with them. Daughter Miranda & husband Arthur Ford, a coal miner, & their family were living next door at 6 Birks Row.

Daughter Catherine married Joseph Biddulph, a blacksmith, on April 9th, 1894 at Knutton, Staffs.

Son Charles, a railway brakesman,  married Hannah Baker in July-September 1896 at Wolstanton.  In the same registration period son William married Sarah Ann Taylor at Wolstanton.   William was an executor to the will of his uncle Richard Price (husband of Mary Ann Stone [st.1.3]) in 1909 at which time William was a furniture dealer.

Benjamin died in April-June 1899, aged 74, the death being registered at Wolstanton.

In 1901 widowed Sarah was living at 4 Arthur St, Knutton & with her was grandson Alfred Stone, now a steam hammer driver (at the forge).

The children of Benjamin Stone & Sarah Duffell were:

st.1.4.1 Isaiah Stone born August 27th, 1847 at Moor St, West Bromwich, & christened September 19th 1847 at Christ Church, West Bromwich, Staffs; died Oct-December 1882 at Wolstanton
st.1.4.2 Miranda Stone born February 6th, 1849 & christened March 18th, 1849 at Christ Church, West Bromwich, Staffs; died Oct-December 1918 at Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs
st.1.4.3 Benjamin Stone born Guns Lane 1851 & christened December 14th at Christ Church, West Bromwich, Staffs; died Oct-December 1912 at Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs
st.1.4.4 Robert Stone born April-June 1855 at Hill Top, & christened January 11th, 1857 at Christ Church, West Bromwich, Staffs; died April-June 1903 at Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs
st.1.4.5 Sarah Stone born Jan-March 1859 at Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire; died Jan-March 1884 at Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs
st.1.4.6 William Stone born April-June 1861 at Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire; died October 8th, 1915 at Briggate, Leeds
st.1.4.7 Joseph Stone born April-June 1863 at Wolstanton, Staffs; died Jan-March 1889 at Wolstanton
st.1.4.8 Mary Ann Stone born April-June 1865 at Wolstanton, Staffs; died March 20th, 1914 at Carrolltown Borough, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA
st.1.4.9 Charles Stone born April 22nd, 1868 at Wolstanton, Staffs; died July 16th,1946 at 578 Newcastle Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs
st.1.4.10 Catherine Stone born July 7th, 1870 at Wolstanton, Staffs; died February 13th, 1953 at Hazeldene House, Coal Pit Hill, Talke, Staffs


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