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Thomas Lister [li]

Tree showing lineage from Thomas Lister to daughter Mary Lister

Thomas Lister (Lyster) was the first child of John Lister and Elizabeth Tate christened June 14th, 1789 at Appleton Wiske, N. Yorkshire.  Thomas was the first of 8 children, and the only one to be christened in an Anglican church as all his siblings were christened Roman Catholic following his mother’s religion.

Thomas married Ann Pattison on November 25th, 1811 at Ormesby, Yorks. Witnesses at the wedding were Joseph Winn & Mary Pattison.  Ann was born January 14th, 1791 & christened February 27th, 1791 at Ormesby the daughter of John & Mary Pattison (John was described as a husbandman at Ann’s christening). Mary Pattison was the daughter of John Pattison & Mary Wheatley who married in 1778 in Ormesby & hence the family names given to Thomas & Ann’s eighth child, Richard.

Thomas was a husbandman at the time of christening of daughter Elizabeth in 1812.

Thomas was listed in Baines’ directory of 1823 of professions & trades & White’s directory of 1840 of Ormesby as a farmer.

Thomas & Ann were listed in the 1841 census as living at Ormesby where Thomas was a farmer. The children at home were Margaret (15), Thomas (12), Richard (Wheatley?) (10), Maria (8) & Isabella (6).

Ann died on December 28th, 1846 at Ormesby, aged 55 & was buried on December 30th at St Cuthbert's, Ormesby.

Thomas died on February 6th, 1851 at Ormesby, aged 61 & was buried February 9th at St Cuthbert's, Ormesby.

The children of Thomas Lister & Ann Pattison were:

li.1. Elizabeth Lister born August 29th, 1812 & christened August 31st, 1812 at Ormesby, Yorks; died May 15th 1867 at Great Broughton  House & was buried May 20th  at St Augustines church, Kirby cum Broughton, Cleveland, N. Yorks
li.2. Mary Lister christened October 24th, 1814 at Ormesby, Yorks; died May 25th, 1884 at the  Cleveland Hotel, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough & buried on May 28th, 1884 at Linthorpe Cemetery
li.3. Jane Lister christened August 4th, 1817 at Ormesby, Yorks, died July-September 1877 & buried at the Church of the Holy Cross, Whorlton, N. Yorks.
li.4. Ann Lister christened October 14th, 1819 at Ormesby, Yorks; buried August 27th, 1889 at the Municipal Cemetery, Linthorpe,  Middlesbrough.
li.5. John Lister christened March 30th, 1822 at Ormesby, Yorks, died Jan-march 1894 at Middlesbrough
li.6. Margaret Lister christened May 15th, 1824 at Ormesby, Yorks, died October 3rd, 1901 at Stokesley
li.7. Thomas Lister christened April 15th, 1827 at Ormesby, Yorks; buried September 5th 1880 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby
li.8. Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister christened March 22nd, 1829 at Ormesby, Yorks; buried September 15th, 1891 at St Cuthbert's, Wilton, Guisborough
li.9. Hannah Maria Lister christened July 31st, 1831 at Ormesby, Yorks; buried July 17th, 1870 at Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough
li.10. Isabella Lister christened February 3rd, 1835 at Ormesby, Yorks; buried March 14th 1905 at Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough.


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