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Thomas Lister [li.7]

Thomas Lister was the seventh child of Thomas Lister & Ann Pattison christened April 15th, 1827 at Ormesby, Yorks.

In 1841 Thomas was living at home with his parents & family in Ormesby.

In 1851 Thomas was a farm labourer living with his sister Margaret, who was a farmer of 30 acres at Ormesby. Living with them was sister Isabel (16). Living next door was brother John Lister & his wife Elizabeth & their 11 month old son Benjaman.

Thomas married Hannah Herring in April-June 1852 at Stockton. Hannah was born at Red Gap  & christened April 1st, 1831 at Elwick Hall, near Hartlepool, the daughter of Sarah & Richard Herring, a farmer.  At the time of the 1851 census Hannah was living with her widowed mother & brothers & sisters at the Blue Bell, Acklam, Co Durham where her mother was innkeeper & farmer of 99 acres.

In 1861 Thomas & Hannah were living at Ormesby & Thomas was now a carter. They had 5 children – Richard (8), Ann (7), Thomas (5), William (3) & Robert (1). Sadly Ann Lister died aged 15 & was buried September 5th, 1869 at Ormesby.

They continued to live at Ormesby & at the time of the 1871 census living at home were Richard & William, both working with their father as assistant carters. They had 4 more children by this time – James Edward (9), John George (6), Margaret (4) & Sarah Ann (1). They had a general domestic servant called Elizabeth Styzeker (13) & a boarder, Thomas Sturdy (47), a gardener.

Hannah died aged 48 years & was buried on December 26th, 1876 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby.  Daughter Sarah sadly died in September 1877 aged 8.

Thomas died 4 years later in 1880 aged 54, & was buried September 5th at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby.  Daughter Margaret also died in April-June 1880 aged 14  & was buried at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby. 

The children of Thomas Lister & Hannah Herring were:

li.7.1. Richard Lister christened November 16th, 1852 at West Acklam, Yorks, died February 20th 1919 at Kirby in Cleveland.
li.7.2. Ann Lister christened April 22nd, 1854 at St Cuthbert’s,  Ormesby; buried September 5th, 1869 at St Cuthbert’s,  Ormesby
li.7.3. Thomas Lister christened August 26th, 1856 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby, Yorks
li.7.4. William Lister christened May 21st, 1858 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby, Yorks
li.7.5. Robert Lister christened April 30th, 1860 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby, Yorks
li.7.6. James Edward Lister christened April 27th, 1863 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby; died June 22nd 1935 at 37 Mansfield Ave, Thornaby-on-Tees
li.7.7. John George Lister christened February 9th, 1865 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby; died November 27th, 1916 at Old Ormesby
li.7.8. Margaret Lister christened April 29th, 1867 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby; died April-June 1880
li.7.9. Sarah Ann Lister christened November 24th, 1869 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby, Yorks; buried September 22nd, 1877 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby.
li.7.10. Frederick Lister christened September 28th, 1872 at St Cuthbert’s, Ormesby; died February 22nd, 1952 at 21 Marina Ave, Coatham, Redcar, N. Yorks


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