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John Pallister [p.]

John Pallister was the third child of John Pallister & Sarah Urpeth born 1796 at Greencroft & christened January 24th, 1796 at Lanchester.

John's christening record from Bishop's Transcripts of Lanchester 1796 (also shown is the christening of John's cousin Peter Pallister [p.]

John married Sarah Thompson of the parsonage of Lanchester on September 21st 1817 at Lanchester. The parish entry described as John Pallister the younger of Greencroft. Witnesses at the wedding were Ann Walton, William Newton & Ruth Newton & John Thompson. The curate at the wedding was Joseph Thompson* (see below), Sarah’s father. Sarah was christened November 2nd, 1799 at Ford, Northumberland, the daughter of the Reverend Joseph Thompson & Mary Byers, both native of Cumberland.

John & Sarah's marriage from Bishop's Transcript of Lanchester 1817

At the time of the birth of their first child, Sarah Jane, in December 1817 John & Sarah’s abode was given as the Parsonage, Lanchester. John was a joiner.

In 1819/20 the family were living at Marsfield (Moorsfield), Lanchester. A poll book of 1828 lists John & his father, John Pallister, as of Upper House, Greencroft.  Greencroft Hall was the estate of Sir Thomas John Clavering & John was a life long employee of the Claverings & was a master joiner having the care of the whole of the property on Greencroft Estate.  At this time the village of Lanchester was simply an agricultural area with just a few straggling thatched cottages.

John’s father, also a joiner, died at Ornsby Hill, Lanchester, & was buried on May 18th, 1831 at All Saints, Lanchester. In father John’s will he bequeathed to his son John all his considerable estates around Lanchester upon the death of his wife Sarah.

On November 7th, 1831 John, of Moors Field, Lanchester, now described as an auctioneer, executed the will along with his mother Sarah; John Summers & John Garthwaite having renounced their rights as executors. John learned his trade as an auctioneer from his father who passed on his auctioneering business to his son just prior to his death in 1831.

The Poll Book for County Durham of 1832 shows John of ‘Marsfield’ to be the freeholder of land at Burnop & Hamsteels.

By 1839 at the time of the birth of John & Sarah’s daughter Frances Maria, the family were living at Ornsby Hill, John presumably having inherited his father’s property despite the fact that his mother continued to live for a number of years. His mother was living with John’s sister Sarah & her family in Newcastle at the time of the 1841 census, & eventually died in 1845.

In 1841 John (Pallester in index) was recorded as living at Hornsby (Ornsby) Hill, Lanchester & again described as a carpenter. He & Sarah had 9 children at home – Sarah (20), a dress maker, William (20), a mason, Mary Ann (15), Elizabeth (14), Thomas (11), Moorhouse (9), James (6), Joseph (4) & Frances (2). ). Also listed with them was 3 month old Robert Pallister, the illegitimate son of Mary Ann.

An announcement of the death of John’s daughter Elizabeth in September 1843 describes John as an auctioneer.

They were still at Ornsby Hill in 1851 & John was now a master carpenter. Children at home were Thomas, a master butcher, Moorhouse, a joiner & carpenter’s apprentice, Joseph, Frances & Emma (9). Living with them was grand daughter Sarah Jane Hardy (7), the daughter of John & Sarah’s daughter Sarah who had died in 1844, aged 27. Also with the family was a lodger George Davidson, a mason’s labourer.

John is recorded in the Poll Books & Electoral Registers of 1853 as residing at Hornsby Hill & possessing freehold land named ‘Spite-of-All’ in Burnop & Hamsteels district.

Sarah died June 1st, 1855, aged 55, & was buried at Lanchester.

By 1861 widower John was living with his daughter Emma who was his house keeper. John was described as a landed proprieter.

John died at Hornsby Hill later that year on September 10th, 1861, aged 66. An announcement of his death in the Durham County Advertiser mentions that he had died very suddenly & that he had for many years been in the employ of the late Sir Thomas J Clavering of Greencroft Hall.  He was buried at Lanchester alongside his wife Sarah, & daughters Elizabeth & Sarah Jane Hardy & son John Joseph who died in 1860 in Moulmain, India, aged 41. There is a record of Private John Pallister, regimental no. 3271, serving with the 75th Regiment in 1857-58 in India.  He received medals for the capture of Delhi & the relief of Lucknow.

Headstone of John & Sarah & children Elizabeth, Sarah Jane & John Joseph at All Saints, Lanchester

On 14th October 1862 John’s will was proved at Durham by John Clavering of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, solicitor,  Moorhouse Pallister of Ord Terrace (John’s son p. & John Pallister of Wrekenton, gentleman (John’s cousin p.  His effects were under £100.

The Newcastle Courant of November 14th, 1862 shows the sale of John’s property & lands around Lanchester.  It appears he held copyhold ownship of 2 houses, a butcher’s shop, stable, cow byre, 2 productive gardens, 4 closes of land & a small plantation at Ornsby Hill, currently occupied by son Thomas.  He also owned freehold a dwelling house, butcher’s shop & 3 closes of land situated at Spite-of-all, currently occupied by George Bell. 

The children of John Pallister & Sarah Thompson were:

p. Sarah Jane Pallister christened December 13th, 1817 at Lanchester, died April 17th, 1844 at Lanchester
p. John Joseph Pallister born Marsfield & christened June 12th, 1819 at Lanchester, died June 1860 at Moulmain, India
p. William Pallister born Marsfield & christened October 26th, 1820 at Lanchester; died August 9th, 1873 at Ormsby Hill, Lanchester
p. Hannah Pallister christened May 30th, 1822 at Lanchester; died February 15th, 1897 in Co Durham
p. Mary Ann Pallister christened July 2nd, 1824 at Lanchester
p. Elizabeth Pallister christened October 17th, 1826 at Lanchester, died August 28th, 1843 at Lanchester
p. Thomas Pallister christened August 10th, 1829 at Lanchester; died February 25th, 1907 & buried at All Saints, Lanchester
p. Moorhouse Pallister christened June 1st, 1832 at Lanchester; died April 28th, 1920 at St Mary the Virgin Hospital, Rye Hill, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
p. James Peace Pallister christened August 7th 1834 at Lanchester; died January 31st, 1912 at 3 Lonsdale Terr, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
p. Joseph Thompson Pallister christened February 10th 1837 at Lanchester; died April-June 1903 at Lanchester
p. Frances Maria Pallister born Ornsby Hill, christened January 18th, 1839 at Lanchester; died December 6th, 1921 at Fines Cottage, Medomsley
p. Emma Pallister born Ornsby Hill, christened September 1st, 1841 at Lanchester; died Jan-March 1930 at Leeds North

*'Rev. J Thompson was native of Little Blencowe, Greystock, Cumberland, born 1769. He was curate of Ford, Northumberland 17.. -1806; Perpetual curate of Lanchester 1806-1842, clerk of Petty Sessions in Lanchester 1827. Married Mary daughter of John & Sarah Byers of Great Salkeld, Cumberland (died June 10th 1844 at Lanchester, age 75). Had large family, 2 of whom were clergymen, Joseph perpetual curate & first titular vicar of Satley, died Sept 27th 1867 age 67 yrs & Moorhouse who died perpetual curate of Lucker, Northumberland on Aug 24th 1883 age 70 yrs. Joseph senior died of apoplexy May 6th, 1842 age 72. His memorial which is in white marble on black slab states ‘sacred to the memory of the Rev. Joseph Thompson Perpetual Curate of this parish during 35 yrs & upwards who died 6th May 1842 in the 73rd year of his age. This tablet is erected as a memorial of esteem & regard by an old friend & parishioner’.
Source: Parish Registers of All Saints Church, Lanchester Vol 1 1560-1603, J W Fawcett.

Headstone of Rev Joseph Thompson at All Saints, Lanchester


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