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Frederick Grove [g.11]

Frederick Grove was the seventh child of William Grove & Elizabeth Lloyd born October 1839, christened December 25th, 1845 at St John the Baptist, Croydon.

In 1841 Frederick was living at home at Church St, Croydon with his family.

In 1851 & 1861 he was still living with his parents at Croydon. His profession was recorded as a blacksmith in 1861.

Frederick married Alice Remington on November 9th, 1863 at St John’s, Lambeth.  Frederick was a gas fitter at the time of the wedding.  Witnesses at the wedding were Francis Tarrant & Jane Tarrant.  Alice was born December 3rd, 1843 in Sydenham, Kent, the daughter of Harriet & Richard Remington, a London District post letter carrier..

In 1871 they were living at Haddon New Rd, Croydon. They had 3 daughters, Alice Edith (6), Emily L (4) & Edith H (2). Frederick continued to be a gas fitter.

At the time of the 1881 census they were living at Union Rd, Croydon. The family had grown considerably with the births of Ethel Elizabeth (9), Frederick William (7), Maud Mary (6), Olive Phyllis (4) & Mabel C (1). Sadly Mabel died in 1887 aged 7.

In 1891 they were living at Beulah Grove, Croydon. Alice & Emily had left home, but all the other children were there. Frederick was still a gas fitter, & daughter Edith was an assistant gas fitter, Ethel was a domestic servant, son Frederick was a plumbers labourer & Maud was a domestic servant. 13 year old Olive was still a scholar. There were 2 more children listed with them – Charles (3) & Emily Grove (2), see below.

Frederick died Apr-June 1892, aged 52, his death registered at Croydon.

In 1901 widow Alice, aged 56 was still living at Beulah Grove with son Frederick, now a plumber, Olive, Charles (now recorded correctly as aged 18), Ethel & Emily (12) now registered as a granddaughter. NB Ethel (29) was listed on the census out of chronological order alongside little Emily – perhaps her daughter.

Alice was still living at 20 Beulah Grove in 1911 & with her were sons Frederick, a plumber, & Charles,  a house painter.  Also living there was daughter Olive, a charwoman, who had married Ernest Edward Drewett in 1902.  Sadly Ernest Drewett died in 1905, at the age of 26, leaving Olive a widow with a son Leonard Ernest, who was 7 years old at the time of the census.  Also with them was Emily, now listed as an adopted daughter, who was working as a barmaid.

Alice died in Oct-December 1921, aged 78, her death being registered at Croydon.

The children of Frederick Grove & Alice Remington were:

g.11.1 Alice Edith Grove born 1864 at Blackheath, & christened May15th, 1864 at St Bartholemew’s, Sydenham, Kent; died October 10th, 1934 at 33 Osmond Gardens, Wallington, Surrey
g.11.2 Emily Lizzie Grove born December 2nd, 1865, christened June 10th, 1866 at St John the Baptist, Croydon
g.11.3 Edith Harriett Grove born June 11th, 1868, christened August 9th, 1868 at St. John the Baptist, Croydon; died July 4th, 1942 at Maitland Nursing Home, Cheltenham, Gloucesershire
g.11.4 Ethel Elizabeth Grove born May 2nd,1871 & christened January 12th, 1872 at St John the Baptist, Croydon
g.11.5 Frederick William Grove born April 12th, 1873 & christened September 14th, 1873 at Croydon; died March 13th, 1947 at 20 Beulah Grove, Croydon
g.11.6 Maud Mary Grove born August 5th, 1875 at Croydon & christened October 17th, 1875 at St Michael 7 All Angels, Croydon; died Jan-March 1926 at Croydon
g.11.7 Olive Phyllis Grove born July-Sept 1877 at Croydon; died 1967 at Croydon
g.11.8 Mabel Charlotte Grove born November 22nd, 1879 & christened on the third Sunday in Lent, 1880 at St Michael & All Angels, Croydon, Surrey; died Jan-March 1887
g.11.9 Charles Richard Remington Grove born July 23rd,  1882 & christened October 11th, 1882 at Croydon, Surrey; died Jan-March 1931 at West Ham, Essex
( Emily Grove born Jan-March 1889 at Croydon) ?


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