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William Lister

William Lister was born c1717 in Yorkshire.

There is a marriage for William Lister & Elisabeth Metcalf on November 11th, 1741 at Welbury, N. Yorkshire.  Elizabeth was born c1720.  William was a yeoman of Welbury as was recorded on the christening records of his children.

Daughter Mary married William Smith, a yeoman, on February 13th, 1770 at Appleton Wiske, N. Yorks.  Witnesses were John Smith & Michael Meek. William’s brother John, a yeoman, was to marry Mary’s sister Elizabeth on June 13th, 1774 at Appleton Wiske, N. Yorks.  Witnesses at the wedding were George Taylor & Michael Meek.

William was buried on August 4th, 1789 at St Leonard’s, Welbury, the cause of death being ‘inflammation of the bowels’.

There is a death in 1804 for Elizabeth Lister, widow, who was buried on December 22nd at Welbury.

The children of William Lister & Elizabeth Metcalf were:

Thomas Lister christened June 19th, 1743 at Welbury, Yorks; buried September 15th 1810 at St Leonard’s, Welbury, Yorks

John Lister christened August 4th, 1745 at Welbury, Yorks; buried May 17th, 1758 at St Leonard’s, Welbury

Mary Lister christened November 29th, 1747 at Welbury, Yorks

Elizabeth Lister christened December 31st, 1749 at Welbury, Yorks; buried October 14th, 1830 at St Leonard’s, Welbury

William Lister christened March 22nd, 1752 at Welbury Yorks; buried November 28th, 1818 at St Leonard’s, Welbury

Robert Lister christened May 26th, 1754 at Welbury, Yorks; buried January 24th, 1836 at St Leonard’s, Welbury, Yorks

Ellen Lister christened April 25th, 1756 at Welbury, Yorks; buried July 8th, 1835 at St Leonard’s, Welbury

John Lister christened May 13th, 1759 at Welbury, Yorks; buried on December 2nd 1845 at Appleton Wiske

Ann Lister christened July 5th, 1761 at Welbury, Yorks; buried February 24th, 1832 at All Saints, Northallerton.



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