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Grove Alphabetical Index


Ada Florence Grove 1864-1941 m. William Gean Harris 1862-1931 [g.12.2]

Albert Victor Grove 1880- m. May Charlotte Goodall 1884- [g.8.1.2]

Alice Edith Grove 1864-1934 m. William Edward Adams 1860-1934 [g.11.1]

Anne Grove 1814-1901 m. Timothy Fulker 1812-1891 [g.1]

Annie Jane Grove 1860-1939 m. Frederick Charles Worcester 1859-1929 [g.8.2]

Arthur J Grove 1896-1918 [g.6.4.6]

Catherine Grove 1817-1819 [g.2]

Charles George Grove 1865-1940 m. Maud Elizabeth Frost [g.9.5]

Charles Grove 1834-1895 m. Frances Richardson 1834-1913 [g.9]

Charles Richard Remington Grove 1882-1931 m. Amy Chapman [g.11.9.]

Daisy Adeline Grove 1888-1940 m. William Henry Bird [g.8.1.4]

Edith Harriett Grove 1868-1942 m. Alfred Edward Jackson 1869-1937 [g.11.3]

Eliza Elizabeth Grove 1864-1922 m. James Madden [g.6.7]

Elizabeth Grove 1830- [g.7]

Elizabeth Grove c1887- [g.12.3]

Ellen Grove 1866-1951 m. Harry Chester Butterfield -1936 [g.6.8]

Emily Georgina Grove 1854-1926 m. William Henry Baker [g.9.1]

Emily Lizzie Grove 1865- [g.11.2]

Emma Grove 1855- [g.6.3]

Emma Sarah Grove 1861-1929 m. James Sanderson 1860-1924 [g.8.3]

Ernest Frederick Grove 1877-1953 Rose Anna Barfield 1875-1945 [g.8.1.1]

Ethel Elizabeth Grove 1871- m. William James Harrison c1873- [g.11.4]

Ethel Ellen Grove 1882-1919 m. John Edward van der Heede c1880- [g.8.1.3]

Evelyn Gladys Grove 1912-1984 [g.11.9.1]

Fanny Harriett Grove 1855-1857 [g.9.2]

Florence Maud Grove 1893- [g.8.1.5]

Florence May Grove 1889-1890 [g.6.4.2]

Frederick Charles Grove 1859-1941 m. Mary Ann Cook c1856-1923 [g.9.3]

Frederick Charles William Grove 1892-1945 [g.6.4.3]

Frederick Grove 1836-1838 [g.10]

Frederick Grove 1839-1892 m. Alice Remington 1843-1921 [g.11]

Frederick William Grove 1854-1910 m. Lizzie Bletsoe Hall 1857-1920 [g.8.1]

Frederick William Grove 1857-1945 m. Sarah Ann Wallace 1857-1897 [g.6.4]

Frederick William Grove 1873-1947 [g.11.5]

George Albert Grove 1894-1896 [g.6.4.5]

George Grove 1844-1902 m. Martha Perry 1842-1913 [g.12]

George Albert Grove 1862-1925 m. Christina Durie 1863- [g.12.1]

George Thomas Grove 1860-1946 m. Jane Hardie Falconer 1867-1942 [g.6.5]

Hannah Grove 1820-1887 m. John Sutton 1821-1887 [g.3]

Harriett Annie Grove 1853-1893 m. Albert Edward Fry [g.6.1]

Harriett Grove 1827-1831 [g.5]

Harriet (Ettie) Louise Grove [g.6.4.4]

Henry Charles Grove 1853-1906 [g.6.2]

Henry William Grove 1829-1882 m. Mary Ann Mays 1830-1911 [g.6]

Louisa Grove 1822-1913 m. John Thomas Dowling 1830-1880 [g.4]

Louisa Mary Grove 1861-1944 m. (1) George Donald 1859-1901 (2) Thomas Henry Weldon 1856-1942 [g.6.6]

Mabel Charlotte Grove 1880-1887 [g.11.8]

Maud Mary Grove 1875-1926 m. Frederick George Drewett 1877- [g.11.6]

Olive Phyllis Grove 1877-1967 m. (1) Ernest Edwin Drewett 1878-1905 (2) William Field 1874-1948 [g.11.7]

Sarah Ann Grove 1897-1897 [g.6.4.7]

Walter Henry Grove 1862-1927 m. Elizabeth Anne Larter [g.9.4]

William Grove 1830-1897 m. (1) Sarah Abbott (2) Emma Elizabeth Groves 1833-1900 [g.8]

William Grove c1789-1865 m. (1) Hannah King (2) Elizabeth Lloyd 1801-1870 [g]

William Henry Grove 1888-1971 [g.6.4.1]



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